Now he understands,What do the strange expressions of people around mean?,That’s not an admiration for him at all,But looking at a fool。
obviously,This fool is himself。
Others have been standing behind for a long time,He has no ability to find each other,I still want to fight people with this ability,Less shame。
“What do you want?”
“I should ask you this sentence,Don’t you want to fight me?”Xia Chenglong smiled evilly at the corner of his mouth,Every word is a blow to the opponent。
What a joke,He’s just a messenger,Where can I have the ability to win 24 consecutive victories in the fighting field?,One trick to abolish the whale shark gang ranked fifth master。
“I,I don’t fight,Just come to give something。”
From the end, tremblingly took out the war post,Hand it over。
“I,Our whale shark gang master Liu Sha invites you to a duel in the fighting arena tomorrow。”
interesting,He just tried to teach Liu Quan a lesson。That cousin can’t wait to make a move,Typical Take Ta Liwei。
“Long brother,Don’t promise him,That Liu Sha is a powerhouse of the Sixth Stage Transcendent Realm,You are not an opponent。”Zhang Shengyi quickly reminded。
Is Sixth Stage Extraordinary??
If it is placed one month ago,Relying on his own strength,It takes a bit of effort to defeat,But now……
One-handed suction,The war post fell off the opponent’s hand instantly,Steadyly clamped by Shuangzhi。
Xia Chenglong took a look:“Tell you what helper,I will go on time。”
“it is good,a man of his words,Hope not to break your promise。”
That man finished,Run straight,Don’t even dare to look back。