Du Shanshan has never been treated like this before,So she was embarrassed and embarrassed,Finally, I had to say quietly to Yanzi。
“This is the boss’s order,You still obediently follow,I know his temper very well,You can only follow him,It’s useless to want to resist……Ha ha。”
Yanzi teased deliberately。
“He is so domineering?”
Du Shanshan was surprised,Secretly looked up and down Qin Liang who was sitting next to him。
“Yes……But don’t worry,He is always nice to girls。”
Swallow finished,Can’t help but smile。
Back to Haishang,Two little girls from the Rose Legion,Already driving a car waiting outside the train station,Everyone protected Du Shanshan in the car,Just about to leave,Two police cars suddenly passed by,And then just stopped in front of the car。
A group of people in plain clothes got out of the car quickly,Qin Liang recognized that there were several people in it that he knew……Those are the policemen of the Criminal Police Team of Haishang City Bureau!
“Is there a case?”
This is the thought that flashed in Qin Liang’s mind。
really,A nice face,The hot young girl also got out of the car in front,Qin Liang couldn’t help but smile secretly,That girl is not someone else,It is Yang Shiyun……
“Don’t go yet,Wait and see。”
Qin Liang immediately stopped Shen Ruoxue who was about to drive away with everyone。
I saw Yang Shiyun seemed to have said something to the detectives,Then the policemen scattered and left immediately,Yang Shiyun turned around immediately,Strolling forward。
“Looks like your sister Shiyun has a case to solve,such,You take Du Shanshan back,I’ll go down and see if I can do her a favor。”
Qin Liang is talking,Open the door and get off。