just,He didn’t expect things to be so big。
“If you run into trouble,Just tell me。”Liang Kesheng whispered。
Lu Ban smiled。
“it is good。”
He didn’t reject Liang Kesheng’s kindness。
Two people drank wine tacitly,Ban Lu swept around,I don’t seem to find Gu Qiao,Sent a micro chat,Wait until Gu Qiao reply,I realized that Gu Qiao won’t be here today。
She is going to prepare for the concert。
Lu Ban sighed。
Own this titanium alloy mine,So busy,She’s not popular。
But mentioning the concert,He remembered again,
Gu Qiao still owes tickets to his concert。
Ask her in two days。
Go to her concert,There is no reason to spend money to buy tickets。
When the banquet is about to end,Lu Ban took out the written script from his briefcase,Hand it to Liang Kesheng。