Lu Xiaofeng has a very high reputation in the music industry。
A musician,Especially songwriters,If you just make pop songs,Will definitely not be accepted by the mainstream。
But Lu Xiaofeng is not。
Whatever he made《Straw Hat Song》、《Chinese Kung Fu》,still is《Start over》、《A laugh》Such a song,Are in line with the mainstream view of society,Not to mention《A laugh》It was also used by China TV as a town song for the Spring Festival this year,This is a big recognition。
therefore,Mainstream composers,Or those very arrogant songwriters,Whether you are convinced with Lu Xiaofeng or not,They must recognize Lu Xiaofeng’s identity,Not because of Lu Xiaofeng just17year old,Despise him。
Besides, Shen Huan has his own good friends in the music industry。
Two of the three kings,Tang Yuan and Su Mo,Are all good friends of Shen Huan。
Nothing else,Two of them shot,Many top songwriters have to buy it。
Then the top famous lyricist Wang Zhao,Is also a good friend of Shen Huan,If you add the first gold producer Lan Kai,I’m afraid there are not many people,Can be deeper than Shen Huan。
But this does not mean that Shen Huan can invite top songwriters to write songs for himself at will。
On the one hand, the works of top songwriters,Always in short supply。
Just think about how much Lu Xiaofeng’s song is so popular。
Although other people’s songs are not as super classic as Lu Xiaofeng,But you, Lu Xiaofeng, have only a dozen songs out for more than a year,How can it be used by hundreds of singers?
therefore,Those top authors、Sub-top,Once the work comes out,Was also robbed。
Even now the top songwriters have raised the lowest price to50Ten thousand,The highest dare to accept10010,000 cases,Still a crowded market。