“Call the police,Express!”
“Otherwise wait too long,I’m impatient,Then you are ready to report to King Yama。”
Kicked this man’s phone,Lin Yu,Disdainful。
“I,I’m wrong,I got it wrong。”
Xie Yilao is not a fool。
The moment Lin Yu kicked his mobile phone。
Xie Yilao also knew,Lin Yu,This is to play with myself deliberately。
Plus,I told the police,It’s just to scare Lin Yu。
Because a rich man like Lin Yu,If you hear you call the police,Maybe because I don’t want to cause trouble,I’ll just forget it。
did not expect,Lin Yu didn’t forget it。
Since it doesn’t count,Lin Yu will definitely trouble him。
Xie Yilao,Not a fool。
Why can’t I see it??
Precisely because of this,Xie Yilao,This is the moment when the phone is kicked,Kneeling to beg for mercy in an instant。