“I’m telling the truth,Forget it if you don’t believe it。”Shen Huan spread his hands。
Juvenile thought,I can’t tell you,My system master asked me to come to the Agricultural University, right??
You even think I’m crazy。
Zhou Xilan gritted her teeth,Resisted the idea of wanting to beat Shen Huan violently,The way to continue:“I’ll ask you again,Why don’t you live in school,Not go to military training?Do you know that being special is not enough?Classmates have opinions on this!”
Shen Huan turned to Duan Kang suspiciously,“Teacher Duan,The school didn’t tell everyone the reason for my application?”
“This one……The school may think there is no need to talk about it。”Duan Kangdao。
“Then I will apply to the school to announce this to the public。”Shen Huandao,“Otherwise, I won’t have a hard time for four years。”
“What are you talking about?”Zhou Xilan became curious,“and also,Shen Huan, answer the question quickly!”
“Is such that。”Duan Kang is also a little embarrassed,Help Shen Huan answer:“Shen Huan will start new mathematics research during this time,So we need more free time to think。For this reason,The school agreed that he would not participate in military training,And rent a house outside。”
“Isn’t this still special??”Zhou Xilan’s righteous reprimand。
“But Shen Huan is a world-class mathematician。”Duan Kang said,“His research on mathematics,Is meaningful to all mankind,So we have no reason to refuse,Otherwise spread to the world,Don’t we just become a joke?”
Zhou Xilan is speechless for a while。
From a logical point of view,That also works。
So she can only give up temporarily,Turned to the next question:“Shen Huan,Do you think with youNBAThe identity of a basketball superstar,With the influence of your entertainment industry,You are now a student,Is it incompatible with the classmates??”
“I am a student now,Naturally, I don’t feel that my other identity is special。”Shen Huan’s stern way,“At least during class,I hope everyone can treat me as a classmate,Not an idol。”
“Hope you can really do it~~”Zhou Xilan nodded repeatedly。
in this area,Shen Huan still has an upright attitude。
I just don’t know if the students will do this,After all, Shen Huan is more famous than almost all Chinese,That’s a real world-class superstar!