Xing Jian carefully wiped cold sweat,Say,“These days in the Western underground world chaos,Then I came out of the competition for the world of the world.……”
Not finished,It was interrupted by the light.。
He snorted,“I heard this matter.,Those people just want my Huaxia’s ancient military community to set off a civil war again.。”
Merely,His mouth harmonic,Ridicule,“Even in the last Chinese ancient martial arts stationed,Becoming an overlord,You really think that the Western world will recognize?Will let you sit in the place of domineering?Ha ha。In addition to summer,Any Chinese man becomes an overlord,They are dead。”
Toned,Also,“Ten thousand steps,Even outside people do not shoot,Is it in the summer that I watched the dominant’s position in the hands of ancient martial arts??As a result,It is also a fight in China.,No need,Also do not pay。”
“Real people mean, I understand。”
Xing Jian called out a breath,“I am not saying that I want to compete for overlord.,My plan is like this……”
After he said,Shake is not talking immediately,Instead, I swept a few eyes in Xing Jian.。
Xing Jian rushed again,“Thus,We have one by one,Your final purpose,Whether you want to bow in summer,He just wants to leave Huaxia,I can show my fists.……”
Shake is still not speaking。
Half half,His only looks a little appreciation,“I have some truths you said,Let’s do it.。”
Time is seven days。
Huaxia ancient waters,But Western underground world is more confusing。
Especially the topic of the challenge of the people in the world,It was pushed to the peak。
But people in the bureau,I feel faintly,This atmosphere is very dangerous,What is it brewing with an unfortunate potential?。
AM 10 o’clock,Summer wearing a security uniform,Pushing the door into the chairman’s office。
Liu Qingqing wears a pair of glasses is applying the document。
Summer did not disturb,Lazy scattering will throw yourself on the sofa,Pick up a magazine with a magazine。
Pass a moment,Liu Qingqing calls out one breath,Put the signed pen down,Look up。
“Is such that,Just now, Zhang Feifei called me call.,Said that her mother’s third surgery is very successful,As long as the cultivation can be discharged from the hospital for a while。”
Toned,Also,“so,She called,I want to ask us to eat meals.。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,“No need to eat!。”
“I am also like this.。”Liu Qingqing sighed,“But she must thank you.。”
Paused,Liu Qingqing is slightly,Also,“And don’t say to eat,I think we should visit her mother in the name of private.,after all,Her mother’s surgery and hospitalization fee,Is funded by the Foundation……I am not saying, what is famous?,You are not that kind of person。But after all, it is the person in charge of the genetics.……”
Summer is sitting straight,揉 揉 揉 揉,“Ok,Then let’s go now。”
Both people are happy,Talk about it。
Soon drive to leave the company,Straight Run Huashan Hospital。
All the way。Bashan love
After the Huashan Hospital,I bought some supplements and fruits.,To the hospital,And enter a ward。