“Is it still like this?。”
Niu Deya,Flower in your hand,Evocated mount to avoid water jingle beast,Toward Tang San Tong,I have to drive back my own cave.。
“Cow,Monk has already caught,I http://www.geilishow.cn will not accompany it.……”
“Montenegro,Tang San Tibet is you caught,Consultation,Tang Yan meat is less, no one is less。”
Niu De Wang grabs Liao Wenjie who wants to run:“Moreover,Last drinking is not enough,Alcohol is worse than hitting the day,Today。”
“it’s not good,You still have to put the marriage of your sister.,And you……”
Liao Wenjie dialect half,Transform:“Cow,as far as I know,You have a lady,Nay,Da Hao knows??”
“She knows how,I don’t know how.,I am still afraid that she is not!”
Niu Deyan,Telling your family brother:“I don’t know where you have listened some mad words.,Today, my brother, I tell you.,I am a cattle home.,Previously,In the future,I said one,The yellow face did not dare to catch the chicken,If she is not,I am sure to give you a time on the spot.。”
“Um,You know,I am not a bull of love,It is the image of a wife outside.,So don’t say this.。”
“Niu Ge safely,I will definitely not tell。”
Liao Wenjie,Aiming at the monkey of the sand in the sand,Small channel:“Cow,Aphless,I don’t know when I’m talking about.。”
“Say,What else is there?。”
“I heard,Heard,Artificial language,Say the big and monkeys……Um,Unclear,You know。”
Niu Deyu Wang Lang Laughing:“So the traffic news is untrustworthy,Your big 清 冰 洁 洁 我 我 心 心,The monkey is ugly no one without the upper position.,How can I be wear a green hat by him?,impossible。”
Chapter 610 This day can’t be over
Mountain peak insurance,Mountain。
The mountains and mountains that jumped with fresh people,It is the endless plain that I can’t see the side.,Royal City State,Dazu country is complex,There is also a demon of the mountain.,Xing Luo is in a split of his territory。
The whole of this rich land is the land of the Niu Deyu,The monsters are respectful,Worship him on the big brother。
Similar to the separation,Monsters have their own territory,I am boss,But the navigation king’s rivers and lakes are higher.,Holiday,Niufu has various demon demon。
Both gift。
As a big brother,Niu De Wang is in communication,Eat is still very elegant。As long as there is gift,No matter how much,He will return。
http://www.ykrtwl.cn so,Don’t look at the big brother’s scenery unlimited,Enterprising gold seems to have a home in Jinshan Yinshan。
Actually,Know all,The old cow 觎 觎 觎 王 家 家 产 天 天 天。
Why is this,Long live the fox king’s legs,Old cattle forces,The brothers have a throat in their hearts.,Dark old cow eats a mess,Really odor, don’t face,The face is a gesture that should be such a gesture.。
Because the king is too much。
Taking his big hand and sorrowfulness,The dowry of the princess of the jade is not a few years.,I have to go to the pocket of my brothers soon or later.。