This kind of trick appears in the formation,It is inevitable that it will fall into set-style thinking,When you feel like this,The other party is not mainstream,You are very angry, he does not follow the description,Want to make him,Results have been sanctions。
This is the deceptive means on Go.。
The old oil loves to deceive,Bullying,Sometimes occasionally deceived at the same level,But this old oil limit is very low.,That’s more chess。
“so,This is the raccoon.,Deception is its nature”Corona repeats the dialog that has just been bullied,Understand。
Corporation looks at the chessboard,Reacts several variations per second。
A bright knife,Open black smoke。
Black fog smoke,【Raoquier】I step on the mortar,Hurt。
Changgu Shanglong’s expression a twitch。
The fraud is still satisfied with such a feature,That is when the fraud is broken.,Veterians will also be punished,If you do not punish,Then it’s not called the trick.,叫 手,Good chess。
Long Valley is on the morning,Shake the shaking head。
——The fraud is being broken.?Do not,I have to try again more hands.。
Black chess,Put it along the two sons of the white chess!In sound efficiency,Also issued a sound attack。
White cheat,Black chess continues!
“Hey,Changguban guy,How to deceive a trick,Still there?”
“Maybe the row is unsucked,I feel angry into anger.”
“He is unfavorable.!”
Row,Changgu Shanglong’s falling speed is very fast,The Jinyao taking it is also very strong,This time I can only overwhelm the opponent in the momentum.,Put the chest with a bamboo,Force each other retreat。
He used this to override a lot of low-quality contestants.,Especially the actual age is also very small.,They will feel embarrassed before Shanglong, Longgu Shanglong.,Therefore, it is suspicious to be wrong.,Continuously get out of the odor。
Can’t solve things on board,Just solve the board outside the board,Commonly known as disk。
Now it seems,This trick seems to work,Corona was scared by his momentum.,Radial speed slowdown。
But the force of the falling is getting bigger.。
Anti-hands and slap!
Another slap。
Another slap!
【Three joints!】
A set of struggle game-like subtitles is full of flashes。
It is difficult to look at this collapse on the long valley.,Touch your own cheek,There is a kind of illusion that is blocked by the nose.。
Losing after the deception,Otherwise, only more, the more you lose.。
“Help me open the light,It’s now black now.,This way, chess is not good for your eyes.。”Changgu Shanglong waved greeted the low-grade student onlookers.。
Just like the embarrassment of an embarrassment。
Low-grade students do。
Changgu Shanglong adjusted the mentality,I saw a photo opposite to the board.。
That kind of oppression is stronger。
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