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Cooking is always an essential skill in life, and it is often enjoyed.

In fact, the benefits of cooking are much more than that. Below, I will introduce the practice of matcha cranberry biscuits for you to enjoy cooking.


Prepare the required ingredients, chop the cranberries, and beat the eggs 2.

1 Add egg liquid and stir well.

2 After the butter is softened, add the powdered sugar and stir well.

1 Pour in low-gluten flour, matcha powder, and mix well to form dough 5.

2 Pour in the dried cranberries and stir well.

Align the dough completely to form a cuboid and a cylinder, and add it to the freezer for 30 minutes. Freeze the hard cuboid, and cut the cylinder to a thickness of about 0 with a knife.

6cm dough sheet 7.

Cut the pasta into a baking sheet, put it in a preheated oven, heat up and down, 165 degrees, medium, about 12 minutes8.

The fragrance of matcha and the sweetness and sweetness of cranberries are perfectly combined!

It seems unrealistic to leave your mother’s uncle to cook and cook alone.

But now that you know how to make matcha cranberry biscuits, you can really make it yourself, which is delicious and healthy.