Six listed pig companies issued transcripts for selling pigs in April, three said that the price of pigs shifted month-on-month
In January, when the monthly sales of pigs were released, up to now, six listed pig companies have revealed their pig sales report in April this year.In April 2020, Wen’s shares sold 86 pigs.420,000 heads (including hairy pigs and fresh products), income 37.7.8 billion, the average selling price of hairy pigs is 33.24 yuan / kg, the chain change was 1 respectively.43%, 3.62%, -5.65%, the annual change is -53.66%, 21.95%, 136.25%.Wen’s said that in April 2020, the company’s hog sales decreased, mainly due to the company’s overall decrease in seedlings since the second half of 2019, the increase in the selection of breeding pigs and the increase in weight of hogs; in April 2020, the company’s hog salesThe increase in average price was mainly due to the tight supply of domestic pigs.In April 2020, Jin Xinnong ‘s live pig sales totaled 1.970,000 heads, with a total sales income of 6,205.580,000 yuan, the average selling price of live pigs is 56.39 yuan / kg (after excluding piglets, breeding pigs and custody, the average price of commodity pigs is 31.14 yuan / kg), the sales volume of live pigs, the sales income and the average sales price changes were -22 respectively.98%, 8.93%, 29.10%, the annual change is -61.34%, -22.69%, 218.80%.It is reported that from January to April 2020, Jin Xinnong surpassed slaughter pigs9.040,000 heads (of which the live pigs 1 are managed.980,000 heads), with cumulative sales income of 25,516.460,000 yuan.In April 2020, New Hope Liuhe sold 31 hogs.040,000 head, 15% month-on-month change, 39% change in change; income was 11.5.9 billion US dollars, a 12% month-on-month change, and a 189% weekly change; the average selling price of commercial hogs is 32.88 yuan / kg, moving 0 month-on-month.3%, with an annual change of 117%.”The growing growth of live pig sales is mainly due to the consistent extension of the pig raising strategy in the last four quarters to maintain a breakthrough piglet delivery rate.”The initial increase in the sales revenue of live pigs is primarily due to the increase in the price of live pigs and the increase in live pig sales.”New Hope Liuhe expressed.In April 2020, Zhenghong Technology sells hogs 0.260,000 heads, with sales revenue of 1,160.710,000 yuan, with a month-on-month change of 65.57%, 128.51%, the annual change is -81.28%, -54.18%.”The main reason for the company’s decline in hog sales this month is the decrease in the number of outsourcing piglets and the increase in the selection of breeding pigs.Zhenghong Technology explained.In April 2020, Muyuan shares 124 live pigs.70,000 heads, sales revenue 39.9 billion yuan; the average selling price of commercial pigs is 29.10 yuan / kg, a decrease of 7 from March 2020.27%.Muyuan said: “In April 2020, commodity hog prices showed an overall trend.”In April 2020, Zhengbang Technology sold hog48.680,000 (including 3 piglets)700,000 heads, 44 commercial pigs.990,000 heads), an increase of 19.95%, down by 15 every year.36%; sales revenue 21.1.7 billion, an increase of 19.31%, an annual increase of 127.26%; average sales price of commercial pigs (assuming post-piglet) 3345 yuan / kg, down 4 from last month.16%; average weight 135.78 kg / head, an increase of 6 from last month.39%.On the whole, in April this year, the average selling price of Wenshi’s hairy pigs, the average selling price of Muyuan’s commodity pigs, and the average selling price of Zhengbang Technology’s commodity pigs (after replacing piglets) all showed a chain ratio.On April 28, Wei Baigang, director of the Department of Development and Planning of the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Rural Affairs, said that the wholesale price of pork has fallen for 10 consecutive weeks, and it has dropped by about 6 yuan per kilogram. The supply of fresh agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits has increased, and prices have basically fallenPerennial level.According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture, the “Agricultural Wholesale Price 200 Index” on May 8 was 116.97, down by 0 from yesterday.At 47 points, the 200 index of the wholesale price of “vegetable basket” products was 119.07, down by 0 from yesterday.55 points.As of 14:00 today, the average price of pork in the national agricultural wholesale market is 42.64 yuan / kg, down by 0 from yesterday.3%.Sauna, Ye Wang editor Yan Wei Li proofreading Wang Xin