Yang Shiyun suddenly said to Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun!
Both Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun were taken aback by Yang Shiyun’s sudden words!How to say it, I targeted myself!
“Ah for what!Did you hear what i said?”
Yang Shiyun asked again in a very serious tone。
“heard it。”
The two little girls answered in unison,Then you look at me,I see you,Are all embarrassed。They both feel wronged,I didn’t talk too much,Has been very quiet playing passerby A and passerby B,How can you lie down with the rhythm of the gun??
But they both dare not listen to Yang Shiyun’s words,Don’t dare to talk back……
Qin Liang secretly smiled,He knows that these girls have eaten melons,Yang Shiyun is suffocated and can’t get out,So let them vent their negative emotions。
Actually, Shen Ruoxue just wanted to say:We always carried our guns when we went out!But she didn’t dare to say anything when it came to her lips,Because of the suspicion of contradicting Yang Shiyun,Maybe this old sister“lesson”A meal,and so,It’s better to be honest。
Wang Yan shook her head secretly,She saw Yang Shiyun finished Qin Liang’s training,Then I started training two younger sisters who have been standing next to me,I didn’t change my fierce temper at all.,If you marry in the future,,I guess I have to fight my husband in two days!
But it looks like Qin Haoyang is accommodating her,Wang Yan feels a little relieved。
But she decided to go back and talk about Yang Shiyun in private,Girls should look like girls,Obviously the daughter of Qixian,Don’t think of yourself as Sun Erniang,This is not a good thing。
Yang Shiyun doesn’t care so much,She finished teaching Qin Liang,Take the lesson and finish Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,I feel more comfortable now……
“Director Wang,Yang Ju。”
With a hello,Two policewomen came from across the corridor,Yang Shiyun takes a closer look,It turned out to be two civilian policewomen from the Municipal Archives。