First0363Chapter rejected
Although the man’s Chinese is rather blunt,But Mo Xiaosheng still heard him clearly。
Blue House?
Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled,Obviously I didn’t expect the identity of the person to be so noble,Does he know,The Blue House is South Korea**Power center。
Bai Xue’s face changed slightly after hearing this,No wonder this person has been smiling and not talking just now,Turns out he is not at allM-i
“You are here for the challenges of Korean medicine and Chinese medicine in the next year?”Mo Xiaosheng raised his brows,I saw through his intentions at a glance。
“Not bad!”
The man nodded,Said:“Please allow me to introduce myself,My name is Park Byungsu,This time I represent the will of our president,Came to discuss with you!”
“discuss?What can be discussed?”Mo Xiaosheng smiled disapprovingly,Quite disdain on his face。
Park Bingsu frowned slightly,But didn’t say much,Ask the female secretary to come over and pass it to Mo Xiaosheng,Said:“You look at these first!”
Mo Xiaosheng hesitate,Took the folder in Park Byeongsu’s hands,I saw some photos in the folder,The picture shows a mansion,The decoration is magnificent,At a glance,There are thousands of square meters。
Except for photos,There is also a privilege certificate in the file,And other documents,But it’s all in Korean,Mo Xiaosheng can’t understand either,I looked up at Park Bingsu with some doubts,Puzzled:“You are……”
“Can we sit down and talk?”Park Bingsu asked。
“up to you!”