Teacher He smiled:“Susu,You’re fat like this,What should Peng Peng do??”</p>
Peng Peng who is ravaging Brother Piao,Black face,This is really shot while sitting,He has nothing to say,Not involved,Still mentioned。</p>
Jan Didao:“Can I apply to watch the yard at home,I don’t want to work。”</p>
Huang Leidao:“You ate all the food yesterday,Don’t want to work yet。”</p>
Yandi was speechless,Huang Lei looks at the direction of the program group,Tao:“director,Is there anything to make money??Introduce two。”</p>
Wang Yuzheng’s old face is black,How does it sound like an intermediary introducing people to work?。</p>
Adjusted the collar of the dress,Wang Yu Zhengdao:“I only have one task here,Still about pulling carrots。”</p>
Huang Lei asked:“Is it still the original price??”</p>
Wang Yuzheng originally planned not,Drop the price by the way,But seeing Huang Lei who has lifted her slippers,There are also Su Luo and He Jia who are staring at him。</p>
Subconsciously shrinks his neck,Swallowed,When the words come to the lips, they can retransmit at any time:“Yes。”</p>
Hear this sentence,Huang Lei put down her slippers,Su Luo and Teacher He looked away in an instant。</p>
The rattling atmosphere disappeared,As if nothing happened,Still that calm。</p>
This made Wang Yu Zheng wipe his sweat,This group of people,The acting is really getting better and better。If it’s not for cold sweat on your forehead,He also thought he was dreaming just now。</p>
Harvest carrots,The price is still the same as before,This time it is all out again,On the road,Huang Lei explained:“Su,You have been hurt,Haven’t recovered yet,Take care of your body,Don’t go too far。”</p>
Su Luo nodded,Tao:“I know,Teacher Huang。”</p>