There is a Xing Jian that came with Jin Fei.。
Get straight by a light or expectation or excited,Xing Jian, who hidden in the crowd, sighed。
旋 迈 步 步。
He Lang,“I have come today only one purpose.,Participate in the funeral,As for others,I won’t ask。”
“Criminal church,You won’t be afraid that summer.。”
Xuantong real people are extremely strong,The voice is also full of aggressiveness,“Moreover,You are the main owner of law enforcement,Such,Is it a little bit of your identity??”
Xing Jian smiled,“Xuantong real person,You don’t have to use me,I have passed the bridge,More than walking than you have passed,I advise you to return to the Lian Mountain Lao Lin in the Lotus School.,The battle of the outside world is not suitable for you。”
“What do you say?!”
Xuantong real people are still difficult to stay.,The sound becomes sharp,Full face angry。
“I am telling the truth。”
Xing Jian is not angry,Ambient,“Since the Mandarin Lord,Regardless of the domestic ancient martial arts or ancient martial art,All in a pot of porridge,Even if the Guardian Alliance also has some signs of splitting,Some people want to move,Someone is ambitious……”
Merely,He is interested in unintentional and glance。
And Junhong’s face is the iron green and gloomy。
“Some people think that this culprit will be killed in the summer.,Can be supported,Be able to be on,Use the funeral of the LAN,Touting those who have a hatred and the summer……Ah,I can only say,This is very naive,Very naive,You don’t know what you are doing.,I don’t know what I face.。”
“Xing Jian!”
Junhong is anger,“What do you mean!”
“I am just a fact。”
Xing Jian slowly retreat,Hidden people,Sound,“What do you want to do?,Don’t take advantage of the opportunity to pull me in,I’m not stupid,Not naive。”
Junhong’s face has a young white,Just anger,However, at this time,Not far from a few screams。
Look,Five ancient martial arts who have prepared to escape,All the blood is bloody。
And Meng Tiancheng, which was originally related to Liuzi, has also been affected,Wiluzi one palm,Vomiting blood。
“Mr. Xia,How do Meng Tiandu?,I have given you a contest.。”
Liuzi has not continued,The eyes are pregnant, they are bloody summer.。
Summer spit out a word,Continue to the direction of Junhong et al.。
He stepped up。
Junhong、Xuantong real person、And all the ancient martial arts face。