Just like Jiang Military and Political China,The face is constantly changing,Various complex emotions in the eyes are also converge,Finally become a respectful color。
They carefully,Amazing in all the way,Find the direction of the sound,Come to a door of clothing store。
A girl is sitting on everyone,And another youth is soft and gentle, and it is gently massd to carry the arm.。
“Rest assured,I promise that you will not leave a scar in your neck.。”
Youth light smiles,The corner of the mouth is two shallow wine nests,It looks like a sunny boy。
This is in the eyes of everyone,Let them live a little。
Especially Jiang Han,She grows up in http://www.huaitw.cn the superior environment,At this moment, I am very envious of which is a girl who is facing http://www.byx365.cn myself.……Xu Meizhen。
“Really doesn’t hurt。”The girl’s voice is full of horror and joy,“Brother,Really doesn’t hurt……”
“That is of course,Don’t see who your brother is。”Youth proudly shaking the head。
“Tian Ge is a big person。”The girl suddenly under the bottom,Some uncomfortable,“You said before,Even if you leave, we can always contact,But I still don’t know how to contact you.。”
Youth Haha smile,Immediately reported a number of figures,“This is my phone number,You can call me at any time.。”
The girl is finally eyebrow.,Just talk,Heard the footsteps。
She is looking for her consciousness.,But what I think,Hurry,Vomit,“I didn’t turn my head.。”
Summer smile,Then standing up a big step。
“Mr. Xia。”
Jiang Jinzheng hurriedly said respectfully。
Jiang Han is complex,Slightly。
“Don’t be so nervous。”
Summer and smile,Whisper,“Others don’t worry,It is necessary to ask Mr. Jiang to help handle the body.。”
Toned,Also,“Red helping no longer exists,In the future, the Ditchproof will be Brew, Mr. Jiang and Miss Jiang.。”
I heard this sentence,Father and Daughter are first,Brute。
Summer road,“I hope that the two can operate well.,It is best not to do some things that are hurt.,Understand what I mean??”
“Understand!Mr. Xia is rest assured,I promise you……”
Summer,“Don’t guarantee to me,If you have a fortune yourself.,Also……”
Paused,His face is,Point to Xu Meizhen in the inside,“I will leave soon.,But I don’t want her to be hurt by any trace.。”
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First1462Chapter Original
Worldwide,Regardless of the large and medium-sized cities,Have a relatively rich area,Usually called rich zone。
Star Islands nature will not excerades。
Natson District is such a presence。
Nason District is located in the colonial black and white square center of Star Isle Island.,It is also one of the prosperous areas of Star Island.。
A taxi stopped in front of a manor。
The area of the manor is not large,In fact, it is a very delicate home.,Not only has a small racecourse in the manor,There is also a small golf course,I can even see an elliptical track。
If such a manor is placed in Huaxia,Absolutely countless。