“Macao People” Ren Dahua Dong Jie is accused of age violation
“Macao People” invited Ren Dahua, Li Liqun, Dong Jie, Ke Lan, Jiang Shan and other actors to star together. With the nearly 40 years of ups and downs in a century-old Macau store, the panorama shows the development and changes before and after the return of Macao, and the people of Macao to the motherland.Love.In an exclusive interview with Sauna Yewang, the playwright Liang Zhenhua said that the play avoids strong plots and dramatization, and only talks about the ordinary life of ordinary people. It is an attempt to return the story to the most authentic emotions of Macao people, “Macao people are inA group of people who can live a particularly enjoyable life in easy life will do one thing for generations to come.Therefore, we hope that this work will attract the audience to see the warmth of Macau.Netizens laughed and called the group photo “spoiler”.The picture comes from the online ancestral house metaphor “Macao”, Liang Dingwen’s wife is not “slag”. In the play, Jiang Shan plays Liang Dingwen’s ex-wife Song Manqin. Due to the sudden illness of his son, Liang Dingwen’s younger brother is also in debt.”House” Liang Family House sells others.When Liang Dingwen was furious, Song Manqin, who was under justice, was expelled from the house under impulse, causing Song Manqin to attempt suicide and go to Portugal for treatment with tears.Too many viewers blamed Liang Dingwen for being a “scum man”, and some people questioned whether a family would concentrate so many dramatic conflicts.This Liang Zhenhua explained that this setting was reasonable in the specific circumstances of Macau at that time. Everyone would have many accidents or misunderstandings in real life, which would leave regrets that may not be able to make up for a lifetime; and as far as Liang Dingwen is concernedThe Liang family house is the lifeblood of his entire family. With his stubborn personality, he made an arbitrary decision under impulse. This decision left a deep scar on his family’s life afterwards.In Macau, the “big house” is one of the local cultural characteristics. The display cabinets such as the Zheng family house and the Ma family house are on the street side, and the Zheng family should be replaced by Zheng Guanying’s “Zheng family house” in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. Macau has been kept for hundreds of years.From the ancestral house culture of Macao, Liang Zhenhua thinks of Macao people’s longing for and love for the motherland. In the play, the loss and regain of the Liang family’s big house is a metaphor for the loss and return of Macao.”Others used cheating and robbing methods to try to take the ancestral house away from the Liang family.It is still under your eyes every day, but it doesn’t belong to you.This is just like the relationship between Macao and the motherland before the return.The Liang family’s obsession with taking back the ancestral home is also the obsession of the Macao people with returning to the motherland.”The” Liang Kee Bakery “prototype is the Englishman bakery” Macao’s Family “. The story began in the 1980s, focusing on the century-old store” Liang Kee Bakery “on the San Wan Xie Street in Macau, and writing about the Liang family of three generations.After Macao’s return, economic depression, and recovery, how to promote “Liang Ji Bakery” as “Macao’s conscience” story.After walking around the streets and streets of Macau, Liang Zhenhua learned that “Macao people are actually very comfortable and very humble.”Many local people have been doing an industry for decades.”For example, macaroons are an important local business card in Macau, inheriting decades of craftsmanship and retaining the simple folk customs of Macau.The “Liang Kee Bakery” in the play was actually adapted from the century-old shop “Ying Kee Bakery” next to the Macau Grand Prix.In the play, Liang Zhenhua is almost known as the story of Liang Ji Bakery. On this Sanwan Xie Street, there is also the Longfeng Tea House, the Crown Pavilion, and hundreds of neighborhoods.The parents are short and help each other.When the century-old restaurant Longfeng Teahouse faced closure due to business problems, Liang Dingwen led Master Liang Heng to encourage the neighborhood to have hope for the future; when the epidemic came, Liang Dingwen distributed the materials brought by his brother to the neighborhood for free.The age contradicts to blame the “story is too long” Ren Dahua, Dong Jie was questioned to pretend to be tender.The picture comes from the Internet and talks about why the actors in Hong Kong and the mainland are gathered. Liang Zhenhua said that if all mainland actors are invited, for example starring Chen Daoming or Chen Baoguo, the audience will find it hard to believe that this story happened in Macau.Hong Kong and Macau are only separated by water. The customs and manners of the two places are very similar, so it is appropriate to find Ren Dahua to star.However, when shooting “Macao People”, Ren Dahua was 63 years old, and was only 3 years older than Li Liqun; and Liang Dingwen’s story began in his 30s, and some viewers bluntly felt “age violations”.In Liang Zhenhua’s frankness, if Liang Dingwen finds multiple actors to star in, it will be difficult to pick up the show.It is not only Ren Dahua who is facing an age dispute. In the play, 39-year-old Dong Jie challenged to play 18-year-old Liang Shu.Liang Zhenhua said that Liang Shu has replaced two young actors in the Air Force, Dong Jie is the third one, and then inevitably jumps; if you look for an actor who is too young, her life experience is difficult to control the future maturity of this role.There will not be much change from the 20s to the 30s, but the outside world knows the age of Teacher Dong Jie and will presuppose that she does not look like 18 years old.Or blame us for writing a long story, challenging all actors.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Zhai Yongjun