The Chinese team’s offense is still a bit tactical,Yi Jianlian and Zhou Qi,Xu Xuan is alone outside,The remaining Xiaoding and Zhou Peng wait for an opportunity to run。
But this attack,Xu Xuan did not follow the tactics at all。
A three-pointer,Basketball is like a shooting star across the front court,Finally fell into the Nets,A white wave!
3ratio0,The Chinese team took the lead。
Croatian attack。
Bo Yang·Bogdanovic。
Boyan·Bogdanovic while transporting,While looking at the young man in front of you。
to be frank,He didn’t expect,Ancient east,You can still play a super basketball player like Xu Xuan。
Looking at Xu Xuan’s growth history,It can be described as a dream。
He is not too old,89He was born in,It’s bigger than Xu Xuan6year old,27Years old is just around the golden age of your career。
Logically,One27year old,One21year old,The former should be an experienced senior,But Bojan·Bogdanovic can’t afford any confidence in front of Xu Xuan。
He averaged24.8Is the score high enough??
But Xu Xuan is higher!
Taller than him15Minute,seriously,He doesn’t even know how Xu Xuan did it。
Scoring at the Olympics may indeed be easier than the league,But it won’t be simple。