As soon as I hear itbattle,All four are dumbfounded,Screamed。</p>
Li Zelong seems to have lost his strength,Said weakly:“Why do you wantbattle,Is not it good?”</p>
Hong Yinuo is a little nervous,Tao:“Over,I might go to a five-star room。”</p>
Feng Xiyao is seizing the time to practice pronunciation,And Zhang Yuqi is like a carefree little girl。</p>
She is really not stressed,She is only eighteen years old,Was admitted to the Berkeley Conservatory of Music,It can be said to have unlimited potential。</p>
Even if it fails,She has a better future,So unaffected,And she is ready to leave here anytime。</p>
Man of few words,Six-star door open,Four people walk out one by one,Five stars,Four stars……,Finally……Tutor room。</p>
Face a few mentors again,The four are still very nervous,Long Danni Xu Shou Wei Ci,Tao:“Come,Let us hear your decisive battle declaration。”</p>
Four people compete for a six-star medal,It should be full of gunpowder,However, the next words of the four Ming sisters,But it made them, these mentors, surprised。</p>
Feng Xiyao said:“I hope I can sing this song well today,Just live up to yourself。”</p>
Hong Yinuo Road:“I hope I can enjoy this stage。”</p>
Li Zelong Road:“one way or another,I will cheer!”</p>
As for Zhang Yuqi,This girl is always smiling,Plus eighteen years old,And that kind of person,Standing there gives people a very special feeling,Sunshine girl,A smile makes it easy to have a good impression,So she didn’t say anything harsh。</p>