Three days later,Qi Rui and Fu Yingxi rushed to Suzhou,I don’t have to read newspapers and find Huang Bron’s residence.,Fu Yingxue gave the pony and Xiao Wu issued a secret number,Because it is planned,As long as there is comrades,Both two will immediately leave。
An hour later,Long Tiri Jun, calling, Suzhou special high school, assisting the leadership of the Communist Party。
“Long pool,You are sure that the prime minister is in this?”High-quality and excited,
Rui Rui took out yesterday’s newspaper,Refers to a search for people to find out:“This search for people is a common secret contact secret.,I have confirmed that the address is correct.,I am looking for a high-class class, I want to discuss with you.,Now arrested or waited for someone who came to join him.。”
“Long pool,I listen to you.!”Gao Qi is also less,Long Tiri Jun is his chief,Naturally don’t dare to。
“High class,This prime minister is a very important partner to commit,I suggest it to avoid night dreams.,Still first grabbing him,Then you bring people ambush here.,J,As long as you come here, you may be a common party.,I can get a question.。”
“Hayi!Director Changchi Machiner is very secure!”
“That’s it.,According to our investigation,Now there should be only one person in the room,But he must have a weapon in his hand.,Be careful。”
Gao Qi wants to make several special skills to touch the door,Then slammed the door to rush into the room,But just in the moment of the instant house came into a gun,The specialists are rushing in and see those people sitting in the chair have already booted suicide.。
Ruined into the room exclaimed:“what happened!?”
High must be regrettable:“Long pool,He committed suicide!”
Surprisingly:“stupid!So be careful, let him commit suicide!”
Rui Rui to check the site,Huang Bron hand holds a revolver,A bullet died on the spot on the spot。
There is a special agent has viewed in the room report:“Report!There are no other people in the room!”
Rui Rui drunk the mouth of Huang Bron,Painting some confetti from his mouth,He said:“quick,Take all the things in his mouth,See what else can you find?!”
Gao Qi wants to send people busy,Rurg, I have found some files with people in this room.,The above is some work arrangements for the underground party.,Among them, there is a continued printing task of anti-Japanese publications.,Some files also have the signature of the prime minister。
“Long pool,Is he prime minister??”
Rui Rui took out the portrait to see him:“Is it this person??”
“Be right!it’s him,Look at him under this unclear!”
“High class,This thing must be confidential,You send people to stay here,No matter who come to arrest it!I want to go back to Shanghai to the intersection。”
Rui Rui and unfortunate,Waiting for him to get a box size box of a matchbox,In the heart:“This organ skill is very useful.!”
Going back to the hotel Fu Yingshi asked:“sharp,Is it??”
“Be formed!Gao Qi is not doubtful,Other special skills did not find out。”Ritual,
“sharp,how did you do it?”Fu Ying Xue curiously asked,
“I met the identity of the waiter in advance.,Give him a medicine in the conversation,Let him coma first,Then made a small organ,Trighten the gun in his hand,As long as the devil is open,If the silky steel wire will trigger the trigger shot,Huang Bomb that has already been lying on the table,The wire box with agency will take the steel wire.,When I check the room, I will take the organ box in the first time.,Will no traces。”
“Will wire not leave traces??”
“Will not,I don’t worry about it.。”
“sharp,What are you doing?,Let Huang Bron’s coma medicine is your own,The organ is manufactured by yourself!”Fu Yingxue is, the more you look like it.,
“Do you want to match your motion?!”
“I am too far from you.!”