“As for here,Let’s get ready,This time,Hong family must lose!”
When Wang Teng said,At this moment,Those people around saw it,They never forget to say here。
“That’s what it said,Since that’s what I said now,Then they are dead。”
“Is this still necessary?,Anyway now,We are already ready,As for what needs to be done,In fact, it’s clear。”
“Don’t think about it too much,but http://www.wfshicheng.cn now,I think we still have this completely necessary to do something。”
Now,With the people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
Actually this,How to arrange。
Just these problems,Actually has become very important。
Just look into the distance,Now,Actually Wang Teng,Also http://www.art0392.cn very moved。
Since now,The people on my side have already said that。
What are you waiting for?
Anyway something like this,Everyone’s heart,In fact, the idea is very clear。
What kind of method is needed to solve these things。
Actually these things,It’s pretty obvious。
So see here,Now,Actually from Wang Teng,these questions,It’s almost completely processed。
But as for how to arrange it,Actually these problems,Has become very difficult。