Newborn men like fat women!

According to the US Daily Health News website, a new study shows that men are more concerned about women who are overweight when they are having a headache, and prefer petite women when they are full.

The study also found that when men are relatively poor, they also like women who are overweight.

  Nelson, an associate professor of marketing at New York University Business School, said that although the psychological reasons behind this phenomenon are not yet clear, analysis of the research results shows that when men are newborns, they always have a signal to seek wealth,And a woman with a fat figure may be such a signal.

  Nelson pointed out that the links between economy, diet and women’s perception were not the first to be cited, and experts discovered this pattern as early as the late 1970s.

In rich countries, people generally like thin women; in poor countries, people generally like full women.

In fact, even among the poor in the United States, overweight women are more popular than thin women.

Nelson and Dr. Morrison, a psychologist at Stanford University, have hypothesized that men may be prejudiced against women’s weight and weight due to different amounts of money and things.

  They conducted a statistical study in some college students, and found that the ideal partner filled by the boys before entering the cafeteria weighed 3-4 pounds more than the weight after leaving the cafeteria, and this difference is very common.

This trend also emerged when researchers used the same method to investigate economic fundamentals.

  Nelson believes that no one can say exactly why men who are dry or poor think plump women are easier.

In addition, they also found that, with men, women who feel obese prefer higher men.