“.”Nothing less online。
He Xiajiao feels that she has no way to understand this grandson,This kind of weird robber logic。but,She also understands this,See good people and good things,I just want to help。This is the original intention of promoting good people and deeds in society,In order to move more people to do good deeds。just,something,Was made,or,Be understood as,Moral kidnapping.
He Xiajiao thinks,My thoughts seem to be influenced by the Tai’s children,Sublimated a bit。
“Yours is just to the extent of spending some money,to me,Already a big windfall,A big burden.”He Xiajiao is also telling the truth,“I am real,so much pressure,I can’t be happy.”She wants to work harder now,See if you can persuade the son,Return these things.
Baby Ou will naturally not agree,“You also said,Is for you。to me,These ones,Really nothing。I think,You are under pressure now,Is also normal,Waiting for your relatives to come,You probably don’t have any pressure.Do not worry,I won’t suffer.”The port warehouse I bought from Pei Huan,Came in handy,Think of it as a thank you fee to Pei Huan.Just a big red envelope。
He Xiajiao knows,Hopeless to return,And quickly said she didn’t want to buy it。
This one,Baby Ou agreed。Because she didn’t want to make Renjie’s child cry.
He’s here,I’ve already agreed with Pei Huan,Made an appointment,Just waiting to meet。Although they are still confused,Don’t delay them finding their relatives。
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Four ending
Ou Zhaozhao,Thank you very much。But Ou Zhaozhao is here,I already know what my dear friend did.,Facing the warm thanks of the He family,Really,Kind of,Guilty conscience.
Ou Zhaozhao pondered,no way,Leave a big red envelope,Declined the enthusiasm of the He family and the villagers,I’ll leave soon。
Baby Ou is not stupid,Let people send He Xiajiao and the others back,And follow them,Three large trucks。She turned around,To meet Ou Zhaozhao。