Curry brings the ball over,Xu Xuan is defending him。
The Lakers didn’t plan on zone defense either.,Should say.This Laker’s tactic is from the Warriors sidecopyComing.Frank·Vogel“oldcopymale”Up,I used to pass when I was a walkercopyWarriors“Death Five”Successful rise of tactics,right nowcopyFeel more comfortable。
and,Did you find,The Lakers are like a“Low version of the warrior”,Look at Ingram vs. Durant,Russell vs. Clay,Barnes v Iguodala,Above every link,The Warriors’ personal abilities are in a leading position。
Durant reaches for the ball,He is currently the Warriors scoring highest,Score higher than Curry,As for the other scoring core,Clay hasn’t been so dazzling until now。
Or leave it to Ingram to defend,Everyone else pulls away。
Durant stands on the right45Three-point line,This location,Take a step back and shoot three points,One step forward can break through,Low position that can turn around.Maybe this offensive method is a bit too much for others,A bit exaggerated.And most people may not be able to master so many offensive skills,These three,Mastered either,inNBAWill not be unknown——But this is Durant.The most incomprehensible man on offense!
First480chapter Pretty brother,This is the end!
Durant currently has18separated,More than Curry2Minute。
Ingram worked hard to stick to Durant’s body,He also guards against Durant’s sudden dribble turn,Needless to say Durant’s dribble,Should be in the top three(Small forward)。
Durant leans behind。
Ingram sinks down,Put your hands on Durant’s waist。
Turned around!
Durant didn’t make any effort,Turn straight to the right,speedy!
Ingram due to physical inertia,Involuntarily jumped forward,While fluttering,Durant has readjusted his position and distance,Glancing contemptuously at the very embarrassed Ingram,Shi Shiran threw the ball in his hand to the basket——
Very crisp,Durant made a three-pointer。