Carlos felt hatred for the word destiny for the first time。
You become a beneficiary of destiny。
You became a victim of fate。
this is life,Born to be involuntary。
Even Lothar,I can’t fully believe what Carlos said,Because Carlos is not Medivh,No title of Prophet。
Ragnaros, Lord of the Flames, is about to awaken,The entire surrounding of Black Rock Mountain will once again become a country of flames?
Lothar after meditation,Trusted Carlos selectively,But couldn’t give Carlos the greatest cooperation and help。
After all, the biggest enemy of the Alliance is the Horde,Compared with the general balmy king,The beast is the most abominable existence。
So Lothar promised that Carlos could transfer all Oakland’s troops away to resolve this crisis,Carlos refused。
Carlos not only rejected Lothar’s proposal,Instead, he called all his subordinates to announce the transfer of command to Lothar。
“If you can’t concentrate all the power,So ten thousand、100,000 people,No difference from me alone。this world,I come to save!”
Anyone can say handsome words,Pretty things,But not everyone can do it。
This is the first time,As a Paladin, Carlos had very negative emotions。
Is everything I do meaningful?
Carlos can’t explain to others,Because can’t。
In pain and self-blame,He thought of Chromie。
Follow the timeline of another world as a reference,The battle between the Alliance and the Horde will be next spring,The Hydrasil water element expelled the plane of fire for more than 30 years.。Neltharion will return to Azeroth in two years,Alexstrasza will also be imprisoned for three years。
Carlos’ efforts brought this series of events together。
The end result is that Neltharion, who was defeated in the battle of the four kings of the dragon family, penetrated the land of Azeroth and fled to the deep rock continent of the earth element plane.,The huge turbulence coincided with the active period of the Elemental Plane of Fire,Originally rejected by the material plane,Ragnaros, suppressed by the Titan enchantment, if there is no external force to stop it,,Will return to the material plane in five days。