“Ok,This is actually pretty good。”Shen Huan,“I’ll discuss it with Teacher Chu,Message to Director Hu as soon as possible。”
Hu Zhenshu smiled and raised his glass,“thank you,Teacher Lu!I also wish you a great achievement in physics soon!”
When clinking glasses with him,Shen Huan smiled unconsciously。
When everyone was clinking glasses with Shen Huan today,Many people mentioned this。
Entertainment industry,Of course the grade is low, I don’t know how many。
So they are for scientists,Even if they make less money,Also full of respect。
Especially those scientists who have really made achievements。
If it’s not for age and money,,The first choice of countless female stars,Must be married to a scientist——A child born like this,It’s easy and talented。
And everyone uses this aspect to compliment Shen Huan,Than complimenting how much money he made,Will make Shen Huan happy。
Young people don’t talk about breaking their minds。
Because if it is myself,Will definitely do it。
Hu Zhenshu talked about it here《love letter》,Shen Huan is full of memories。
As his first official work,《love letter》But it carries a lot of things。
It opened up the reputation of Chu Liuxiang、Opened up a new situation for Zhu Mei,Also let Guo Hang and Chen Qian come to the fore。
more importantly,It also made Shen Huan and Han Donger meet。
With Han Donger’s cold personality,If it’s not this time,She and Shen Huan cannot have any intersection。
Fortunately it was this encounter,Shen Huancai and Han Donger have a future。