“It seems i am today,Also doomed to escape。”
Zhenzi heard what Lin Yu said,Head up,Look upward,Sigh。
“Do not,You still have a chance,That’s killing me。”
Lin Yu who heard this,Open road。
“Yes!This is the only chance。”
Sadako’s words fall,Roar。
Eyes,Turn red instantly。
body,As magnificent as before,Became a giant。
“Die to me!”
After Sadako became big and enchanted,Lost consciousness,One shot,That is to go all out。
just,I just used the power of three Dantians,Direct palm,And kill Majesty,now,If I only use two Dantians?
Will it be a tie??
A bold idea,Appeared in Lin Yu’s mind。
Think of this one,Lin Yu decided to try。
“Dragon Palm。”
Think of this one,Lin Yu raised his hand,Greet you directly with your palm。
Boom boom boom!!!Two palms touching each other,The ground behind them,Keep exploding。
then,The two went back a few steps at the same time。
Brother Li who ran halfway,I thought Master Zhenzi was going to die too,did not expect,Uncle Zhenzi and Lin Yu,Straight to a tie。