“impossible……”Jun Lin has a shocking color,Just not finishing, squirting three blood,The body is flying out by the violent waves.。
Summer does not answer,Walking on a heavy gas wave,Powerfully perfuse the snake knife,Take it in an unnecessary momentum。
He didn’t leave him a half-way backward。
Every hit is desperate。
I have to have a break today.,To divide a result。
Jun is in the air,Avoid avoid,Only sword。
Just listen to a click,The hands of the hands and swords are actually cracked by a knife.。
And the Junlin is heavy, it is bombarded on the ground.。
Just starting with him,White is white in the field of view。
“Bamboo”Third http://www.lude77.cn knife,Knife like matches。
“Ah……”Junli mad,Operating an urgent momentum,The body makes a few incredible movements,Then, the palm of the palm clamping the snake knife。
But at this moment summer is in full,He is rushing to pick up。
His palm was slowly landed by a snake knife。
The blade has not been completely touched,But the violent knife has made a bloodline of the forehead.,Bloody flowing。
Summer drink again,Put all the strength to the knife,It seems that the river is generally ago,Constantly,Constantly stretch。
However, at this time,His pupil,Smash,It’s like a white gap.。
At the same time。
A remaining shadow has come to the summer。
It is rushing。
Face this knife,Shakes do not panic。
Even without refund。
Then first until the general,Fladder,A palm print in the summer,Take him with him.。
And Jun Lin also took the extreme body shape,Out of the crisis。
First2268Chapter My surname ear
Summer, I want to take advantage of it.,Even if it is as good as it is,But the rush is finally shot.。
Dry mouth blood。
Cold and cold。
As for the http://www.qmysl.cn words of ridicule,No need to say,That is only a weak person.。
He is also very clear,If there is no miracle happening,Slap will never let go of yourself。