Deli Wen in next second,Directly raised the double ax in his hand。
then,These two axes,It is directly to himself to his own chest.。
The smile on the de-written face,Beaded out after this。
Icy is ringing with ridicule,Next second,This is a double ax by the de-letham to his chest.,It is directly under his own manipulation.,Suddenly flying towards the direction of Buron。
Two parallel rotation ax,Directly extended directly after this,Killing is constantly filled in this battlefield。
finally,These two parallel double axes,Directly arrived in Buron。
Then,Suddenly hit the Buron in the translational state。
then,Buron flying in half air,It is directly to be parallel.,Held from hard born!
then,After hitting Buron from half-air,Deli Duo has directly had its own next steps.。
He in the next second,Directly suddenly raised the double ax in his hands。
Then,After raising the double ax in your hand,Delevin’s body is a sudden moment in the next moment.。
then,After this action is made by Deli Wen。
Two parallelism,Huge invoberious giant ax,Directly from Deli Wen。
And in these two huge Ava appeared in a moment after Demai,Deli Wen is in the next moment,The body directly presses an exaggerated point。
After this action in Deli Wen,The two ava behind him,It is also here.,Directly flying from Deli Wen。
Then,Directly flying toward the core of the battlefield,It is also the location of Sierras at this time.。
And when this big move is constantly moving towards the body of Sierras,Deli Wen is also at this time,Made your next step。
He in the next second,Directly raised the double ax in his hand again。
Then,Demai is a little bit。
A sharp arbitrary giant ax,It is after his anticipation,Directly from the hands of Demai。
Sharp giant ax blooms a circle of killing,One is not a bad breath, it is constantly moving in this battlefield.。
Next second,When it is up to the air,And have been flying to the ava of the vertex。
Also at this time,Start slow down。
at the same time,That morally loously has been directly smoking,Rapid flying to the big tricks of Salas。
Also at this time,Arrived in the front of Sierras。
Chapter 360 Eutang
Fly into the air,And in a sharp angvixture that constantly rotates。
It is behind this,With the two parallel huge ax together,Arrived in the front of Sierras。
Next moment,IGThe skills of other people are also landed on the body of Sierras.。
finally,In another skill,Then I smashed into the body of Sierras.。
Dele’s flatAAva and big tricks,Also has arrived on the body of Sierras。
Next second,Two feathers are fatal injuries,They arrived on the body of Sierras。
Sierras’s blood is also behind this,Four with a shocking speed。
Almost a moment,The blood volume of Serless is directly emptied!
The collision of gold coins sounded,The body of Serless is behind this constant gold coin.,Lying directly on the ground。