The deterrence of the bandits is too big.。
Lin loudly:
“Do you know who is faced??
“Who are you?。”
The words of the bandits are finished.,Some regrets。
Because the murderous murderous in the eyes of the eyes makes his heart liver can’t help but invade。
Even,More strange,The child who should be hacked at the moment is actually good at the moment.,Also climbed up,The eyes are dead and staring at themselves。
Suddenly I felt that a power that could not be resistant。
The bandits in the courtyard brush。
The armor is also understood at this moment.,I have a person who can’t get it.。
Turning the bones of the body。
He has an ears to hear the sound of his bones.。
Death lingering。
Lin Nong pays attention to the Song Lao Fifth Alarm,I feel that it is not appropriate to kill people.,Immediately collect the momentum back。
“go away!”
Boatters,But he has been crushed at this moment.,I want to escape and have no choice but。
Can only be thrown by the hand,The wolf is escaping in the village。
At the interest of the villagers,The mutual support of the wolf is holding the village.,Those bandits have not come to the pine,The body is directly pressed into the soil。
The person who has been natural is a forest.。
How can he leave a hidden danger to Song Lao。
People http://www.dongejiao.cnnaturally will naturally don’t know.。
now,The fragrance hurts the blood of his bodies.。