Baby wants skincare to create a beautiful account

Since baby BABY came to this world, they have been surrounded by the care of their parents. Every parent will plan everything for the child from an early age, including education accounts and future funds.

However, parents do not think they need to worry about the good skin that babies are born with.

This concept is actually wrong. You should pay careful attention to the skin care when your baby is young, so that it will double in value in the future.

Create a beautiful account for your baby now!

  Baby skin must know that newborn babies are covered with a thick layer of fetal fat, which is the most natural way to protect the baby’s skin.

But when the baby comes to the world to wash away this layer of fetal fat, what should we use to maintain this love?

  The stratum corneum of the baby’s skin has not yet matured, although it is basically similar in structure and function to adults, but its resistance is much lower, both delicate and sensitive, and vulnerable to infection by the external environment or attack by bacteria.It takes at least 3 years to develop to the same skin as an adult. Before that, it was very different from an adult in terms of function and structure: the dermis was thin, the fibrous tissue was scarce, and the moisture in the cuticle of the skinInstead, the skin is extremely dry.

The skin’s own protective film is also susceptible to external damage, the antibacterial power and immunity are weak, and the response to sensitive substances is 3-5 times stronger than that of adults.

Therefore, when taking care of her beloved baby’s skin, mothers must pay attention to avoid exposing and damaging the baby’s delicate and fragile skin from the outside, and save every appreciation fund for beauty.

  Beautiful Baby Cleansing Fund Appreciation Index ★★★★ The ability to control acid and alkali by baby’s skin is very poor, just rely on a layer of acidic protective film on the skin surface to protect the skin.

But the baby was lively and excretory.

If you do not do the cleaning work in time and protect this layer of acid protective film, you will be easily infected by bacteria. Little diarrhea and diaper rash will follow, making the baby miserable, and adults will be impatient.

Therefore, timely cleaning is an essential homework.

  When changing the diaper for the baby, it is best to use a soft non-woven wipes containing emollient ingredients to wipe every corner of the small butt carefully, or use warm water (water temperature does not exceed 30 seconds) to gently clean.
After drying a bit, gently apply a layer of diaper cream and wrap it in a dry diaper.

If it is in the hot summer, it does not prevent the burden on the small butt, but try not to use the diaper, and leave it in a dry and ventilated environment to prevent the diaper rash.

  Washing a fragrant bathtub for the baby every day will keep the baby happy.

Choose a gentle cleansing shampoo and bath product that does not irritate the baby’s eyes, while cleaning the skin, but also protect the sebum film.

Safe and reliable baby products must be streamlined, mildly formulated, and fragrances, pigments, alcohol, and allergenic preservatives must not be excluded, soap-free, non-irritating, and products that can well protect the skin’s moisture balance in order to minimizeBaby’s delicate skin irritation.

Adding a few drops of toilet water or baby’s gold water to the water can effectively prevent the generation of gardenia.

For crying babies, try adding a good proportion of lavender oil to the water. This is an absolutely safe sleeping oil that can quickly calm the baby to sleep all night.

  The most important reminder: The baby needs to be washed and changed every day. Underwear and small quilt pillows will be exposed to the sun and disinfected. Why are there frequent symptoms of skin inflammation?

You should know that no added detergent is very important. Do not use adult detergent to clean baby clothes, bed sheets, and pillowcases to reduce the possibility of skin sensitivity and itching.

  Beauty Account Sun Protection Fund Appreciation Index ★★★★★ Although the sun is beneficial to the healthy growth of the baby, the development of the baby’s skin stratum corneum and connective tissue is not yet perfect, tolerance is allowed, and its own ability to produce melanin is also low.Weak, more susceptible to ultraviolet burns in the sun, damage the natural tissues in your baby’s skin.

Some research data show that people who often sunburn their skin in childhood are much more likely to develop skin cancer in adulthood than others.

So whether it is indoors or outdoors all year round, as long as there is ultraviolet light, it is necessary to give the baby sufficient sun protection.

  It is very important to apply some sunscreen for infants on bare skin to minimize UV damage to the skin.

However, it should be noted that adult sunscreen cannot be used on baby skin at random, otherwise it may cause damage to baby’s skin.

Before applying sunscreen to your baby, you should first use a baby lotion to reduce the irritation of your baby’s skin.

Remember not to apply sunscreen before taking your baby out, or you should apply sunscreen half an hour before going out, and apply it every 2 hours (make up every 1 hour in high UV areas) to achieve the best sun protection effect.

  Regarding infant sun protection, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that it is safe to apply a minimum amount of sunscreen on a small area of the skin surface, such as the face and neck, except for infants with allergies.

However, for a baby, the best sun protection is to keep her in the shade of a tree, under a parasol or in a canopy.

  The most important note: Do n’t think that children ‘s sunscreen products with a high sun protection factor can easily stimulate the baby ‘s skin. In fact, these products have been professionally certified, and their safety is absolutely no problem. Select sunscreen products according to location and time.On the beach, you must remember to choose a sun protection product with a high coefficient.

  Beauty Account Moisturizing Fund Appreciation Index ★★★★ In the dry season, the little face of the baby is blown dry and the little hand is cracked.

This is because the baby’s skin is delicate, and the function of regulating sweat glands is not yet perfect. Therefore, there is a lot of sweat on the unit area, and the skin loses moisture more easily due to rapid moisture loss.

How to moisturize and care for the baby and make the baby comfortable in autumn and winter becomes a family plan.

  In the autumn, there is not enough water in the air, so a humidifier should be installed in the room where the baby is to be kept continuously.

Some green plants should be placed properly in the room.The diet should be light, too much salt will take away the baby’s body water.

You should also provide sufficient hydration for your baby, ensure that you drink 5-8 glasses of water a day, and take appropriate amount of vitamin A from food.

In addition, the autumn pear and rock sugar boiled sugar water for your baby is also a good way to moisturize and dry.

  Baby-specific moisturizers are generally divided into three types: moisturizers and moisturizers.

Slightly lower than natural moisturizing lotions with natural moisturizing ingredients, it usually contains moisturizing factors to effectively moisturize the baby’s skin; moisturizing oils are generally rich in natural mineral oils to prevent dry cracking and have a stronger moisturizing effect on the skin.

In addition, pay attention to the logo on the packaging when buying skin care products.

One year old is the distinction. Infants under one year old or more specialized baby care products, and children over one year old can choose child care products.

Based on the number of times the skin moisturizer is applied, pediatric experts believe that if you feel that your baby’s skin is dry, you can immediately apply a natural and gentle baby lotion, which is no problem if you apply it four to six times a day.

And children with normal skin, it is best to apply at least once a day.

  The most important note: When applying moisturizing products to little babies, it can nourish, soothe and protect the baby’s delicate skin, and also care for the mother’s delicate skin.

It is recommended to choose a rich and soft texture, which is very suitable for massage. It can also be used as a daily skin cream. With gentle touch, you can make the skin soft and smooth.

  Beauty Account Anti-Sensitization Fund Appreciation Index ★★★★★ Newborn babies will suffer from breast crests, breast crests, and other beautiful problems due to unsuitable breast milk. Over time, it may cause a type of seborrheic dermatitis.The disease is manifested as many small red rashes visible on the scalp, and even yellow-red patches will be formed in a flaky distribution, which is not only very unfavorable to the normal development of the baby’s hair, it will cause infection.

  Milk custard is the product of baby metabolism.

  After the baby is born, the mother should insist on washing the baby’s hair, focusing on washing the top of the baby’s prone breast.

Most of the basal centers of the nipples are the cardia, as long as the movement is gentle, it will not cause harm to the baby.

Mother can gently rub and wash with the palm of her hand, and then gently wash with gauze and warm water.

  In addition, eczema is very common in infants and young children. In most cases, eczema can be controlled to a very low level at home.

The first thing to try is to add cotton and soft clothing and diapers to the baby, clean the clothes with a baby-specific detergent, and dry in the sun.

After each bath, apply the baby powder with fine powder and no impurities to the whole body, especially the wrinkles, which can effectively absorb the remaining moisture to prevent the effect.

  Once the skin is allergic, remove all possible allergens in the home, such as certain flowers, pets, carpets, and so on.

Yumeijing Children’s Cream is the secret magic weapon for pediatric doctors to deal with baby’s facial eczema, because the creams for treating skin diseases are usually rich in hormones and cannot be used as babies.

For mild breast milk eczema, they will recommend that you apply it for 2-3 days and it will completely heal.

However, if the eczema is severe, you need to seek medical treatment in time and use drugs to treat it.

  The most important tip: Wash your baby’s hair at night and leave a little time before going to bed. Although baby’s hair dries quickly, if it is not dry, it will have a great impact on health, and you must buy a babyA special hair dryer can ensure the safety of the baby.