[Is Zhuzhu sauce the same as oyster sauce]_Oyster sauce_Foshan Zhuhou sauce_Difference

Zhuzhu sauce and oil consumption are two different seasonings. Generally, oil is used more for green vegetables. Sometimes oil-consuming lettuce and oil-consuming cucumbers are particularly delicious. Zhuzhu sauce is mostly used for cooking.A variety of meats, such as chicken, duck, goose, etc., have delicious flavors, which are deeply loved by everyone. At the same time, they can supplement various vitamins and minerals needed by the human body.

First, the difference between Zhuhou sauce and oyster sauce 1. There are many green vegetables used in oyster sauce, oyster sauce can be used for green vegetables, and all vegetables can be considered, such as oyster sauce lettuce, oyster spinach, oyster scoop vegetables, oyster sauce core, oyster sauce melon slices, etc.

2. Zhuhou sauce is suitable for cooking Xinhou chicken, goose and duck with unique flavor, and is used to prepare various meats.

Second, the nutritional value of Zhuhou sauce Zhuhou sauce is one of the famous Foshan traditional products.

It was created by Sanpinlou chef Liang Zhuhou during the Qing Dynasty.

It uses soy and flour as raw materials, and after koji making, it will be made into sauce germ after drying, and it will be made from lard, sugar, sesame, and re-cooking.

The color is reddish-brown, the flavor is strong, the mouth is mellow, and it is fresh and sweet.

The chicken, duck, fish, etc. that can be cooked, especially the Zhuhou chicken, are the best sauces in seasoning.

It is suitable for cooking Xinhou chicken, goose and duck with unique flavor, and is used to prepare various meats.

The raw materials of modern Zhuhou sauce are mainly water, non-GMO soybeans, wheat flour, caster sugar, edible salt, sesame oil, sodium glutamate, dehydrated garlic, xanthan gum, and sodium benzoate.

Third, the efficacy and effect of Zhuhou sauce is attractive, the flavor is blended, the appetite is improved, and the fishy effect is good when cooking meat.

1. It can supplement a variety of minerals and vitamins to the human body, including calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals and B vitamins.

2. It can promote the growth of children’s bones and prevent osteoporosis in the elderly.

3. It can be used to regulate the hormone levels of menopausal women and relieve women’s menopause syndrome.

4. It has certain health effects, including stomach, spleen, heart, and kidney.