Li Ziqiang in front of the TV leaning forward,Push your legs,The buttocks have been slightly lifted from the soft cushion of the sofa。
Xie Lan let out a scream that couldn’t be suppressed,She quickly blocked her throat with her hand again。
Hu Lixin didn’t know when he opened his mouth,But no sound comes from inside。
Not just them,All Chinese fans in front of the TV,Korean fans in the stands,They all saw。
When Son Homin rushed to the football,The No. 14 player of the Chinese team did not follow to grab the ball,But quickly glanced to the sidewalk behind,There is South Korea’s right back, Kim Buk-joo,He didn’t press it up in time after passing the ball,Stay in place……
He is closer to the bottom line than Hu Lai!
The football rolls faster on the turf watered before the game,It almost rolled to Hu Lai’s feet in the blink of an eye。
He is in a huge space!
“Eh chance!!Not offside——!”He Feng dragged his throat and shouted。
Hu Lai didn’t stop the football,Instead, he put the football straight into the penalty area,Turned and chased!
“Single shot!Kim Hyun-yun came out!”The commentator of the Ascendas video is also shouting。
The barrage of Guo Junfu’s successful stealing floated above the live screen.……
The sky above the Seoul World Cup Stadium is gone. Before the Korean fans cheered up,There is only a mess of boos and screams that cannot be heard!
Face Hu Lai,South Korea’s substitute goalkeeper Kim Hyun-yun, who started the game, quickly attacked,Trying to block the angle of Hulai’s shot。
But he was only halfway running and saw Hu Lai, who had caught up with the football, bounced towards the ball with the back of his right foot.!
This is an unwarranted shot with no signs of accumulating at all during a normal swing before running.!
The football was bounced to the far corner of the goal by the outer back of Hu Lai’s right foot!