Shen Ruoxue asked immediately,The people in the car except Du Shanshan,All know Yang Shiyun,I also know that she and Qin Liang,Shen Ruoxi is a very good friend。
“No need to,You go back,So many policemen here,Actually, no help is needed,But you all know,She is my best friend,Now that I saw it,I have to stretch my hand no matter what。”
Qin Liang is talking,Got out of the car,Then waved Shen Ruoxue to drive away。
Yang Shiyun walked in the direction of the entrance alone,Today I received a notification from the police,There are three drug-trafficking suspects who will take the train to Haishang,Want them to arrest。
The train arrived at Haishang too early,But Yang Shiyun dare not care,Still took people to the train station two hours in advance,She wants to bring the city police officers,Ensure that the arrest is foolproof。
Qin Liang quietly followed Yang Shiyun with great interest,Looking at her slim and beautiful back,Secretly admired in my heart:This girl’s back is actually so alluring,I haven’t seen you in a few months,This little girl has a better figure……
Of course Yang Shiyun doesn’t know behind him,Follow one“Unpredictable”Qin Liang,If Qin Liang focuses on following a person,That will never be discovered。
So she was still thinking about the arrests for a while,Any unexpected situations that may occur。
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Chapter VIII Dare to point a gun at my wife’s head
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But the detectives scattered around saw Qin Liang following Yang Shiyun behind,Secretly in their hearts:This“Flower Keeper”It’s really time to come!But no one reminded Yang Shiyun in the headset……Everyone is still willing to help this pair“Little couple”Provide private space。
“Now everyone starts to enter the platform,remember,Only the capture team took action,The other two teams don’t expose their goals。”