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Chapter three thousand eight hundred and eighteen Cats eat more than you
Shen Ruoxi’s plausible answer。
“The truth is revealed?”
Zhou Meili couldn’t help but marvel!
“Oh,I did not mean,The truth is:In our house,Any girl can bully him,Including you!So don’t think he is the boss,But others are pretty good,Every girl in the family,Will be spoiled by him like a little princess,And he’s super short-term care,If anyone dares to bully our sister,He definitely won’t agree。”
Chen Hao’s explanation,It’s the ultimate beautification of Qin Liang!This praised Qin Liang!Of course Chen Hao is afraid of Zhou Meili,Will be really shocked by what Qin Liang said just now,Looking back, I thought I was trapped in a wolf den!
“Oh,It’s like this……”
Zhou Meili said with a sigh of relief,Then he looked at Qin Liang subconsciously,Seems to be re-evaluating Qin Liang’s image。
“I’m not as good as you said。”
Qin Liang was blushed by Chen Hao,This is really a rare thing。
“Chen Hao,Who are you with?”
Shen Ruoxi asked Chen Hao tangledly,Maybe she didn’t expect that Chen Hao would suddenly defend Qin Liang in front of Zhou Meili.。
“Beauty just came to our house,I don’t even know where the door is,I don’t want her to misunderstand,think……Met a bad guy,I think this is very important,That’s why I explained to her。”
Chen Hao answered calmly。