“Oh,I thought you knew Taoism too,Pity。”
As for what a pity,Gan Yifan didn’t dare to ask,He always felt that every question of Ning Beizhi had another intention,I’m afraid to ask too much,Quilt。
Go back to Changting and sit down,Ning Beizhi took a sip of tea and said:“take it easy,Relax。I came here this time mainly to see your cultivation progress。I heard that you awakened the fire energy,I planned to find an instructor to take you,But your personality is too strong,Can’t find the right person for a while,I had to come in person。”
He said and smiled slightly,Change again,“You have a good relationship with Xu Wan?”
“I heard you got a lot of good things in the lake,The buyer she helped you find?”
“Strictly speaking,Those things don’t belong to you,Private reselling is a crime,You are the mastermind,She is an accomplice,Even her uncle must be held accountable。”
Gan Yifan got anxious when he heard it,“I didn’t steal it,Of course the things picked up in the lake belong to me,I want to sell to whomever,You can’t control。”
Ning Beizhi said with a smile but not a smile:“You just left the island a few months ago,I believe that,Because you don’t understand anything,Don’t you understand now?”
Gan Yifan wants to argue,Ning Beizhi waved his hand,“I’m not here to investigate this matter,No time。Just want to tell you a truth,Both ordinary people and mutants must follow the laws of social development,We live in this society,Justified,There is a law to follow,Ordinary people are bound by law,Mutants have the same legal constraints for mutants。