I heard the name of my son,Middle-aged……That is, Hou Pillar,I finally stopped crying,The red eyes flashed in a madness,But instantly become painful。
“You do these doctors are liar,All is a quack,Seven times……Seven misdiagnosis,He is now hanging,Looking at the way,A good person,you……”
Due to emotional out of control,If he talks, the words do not follow the words.,At the end,He slammed the sulfuric acid bottle。
“It’s you!It is your mediocroic doctor to harm my son like this.,I want you to accompany him.,Hoot……”
Lin Wei was completely scared.,At this moment, I feel that the size of the out-of control is indicatory.。
Holding his arms with his neck,The body has been in a posture behind。
This posture seems to be no,But it is actually very difficult,In just a few minutes,His physical strength consumes a dry two net。
Don’t say resistance,Even the struggle can’t do it.。
Vice President Sun Renshi Brow,Looking at Lin Wei, who is being pulled,Any anger is worried。
In fact,About Hu Shi Pillar Son,When I arrived in the hospital,The hospital is concerned。
Without him,Because the patient did not come,I have been misunderstood six times。
Afterpatient,Deputy Chief Physician Lin Wei was appointed at the attending physician。
But this person is too urgent.,Want to make your title further,Quick diagnosis……Results,But more serious。
Today, the hospital organized the blood department.,Respiratory department,Infectious Diseases,Relevant expert consultation,Controversy is very intense,But until now, there is no reason。
Hou Boluzhu is running off under this situation.。
“Mr. Hu,I hope you can calm,Be sure to think twice。”
Sun Youde is at a low mouth,Expression of expression,“I can guarantee you,I will do my best to save your son.,You think about it carefully.,If your son wakes up,Who will take care of……”
Not finished,Suddenly stop。
Not just him,The four-week crowd also happened a slight commotion.。
Because a person is walking toward Hu Hu。
“you,You stand for me!”
Hu Shizhu also saw people,This is a slightly negative emotion,Immediately become excited again。
But the next moment,He waves the arms http://www.wtxwifi.cn of the sulfuric jar,Suddenly slammed。
Dead and dead。
“It’s me,Hou Shu。”Thunder’s voice is very soft,Flush,“Hou Shu,Listen to me,Don’t do a stupid thing……”
“Thunder……them……Small light,Small light……Hoot……”
As if I saw a loved one,Hou Bingzhu is again crying again,Tears, let’s drop down.。
“Rest assured Hou Shu,I invited the doctor this time.,it’s him,It is also a monkey’s comrade,His medical skills are very powerful,Guarantee can cure。”
Walking in the direction of Thunder fingers,Hou Bolt Pillar Two eyes turbid look at the summer standing。
“It is also Xiaoming……Comrades?”His lost emotions actually calmed down a moment,The sulfuric acid jar in the hand is unable to stop。
NS263chapter it’s him
“Hou Shu……Hello。”
Summit that your voice is actually a bit hoarse,But he tries http://www.fzscg.cn to make a smile on his face look clean,“I……My name is summer。”
At the same time,“I used to train together with the light.,He often said you……”
“Xiao Ming……My child……Xiao Ming sacrifice,Xiao Ling is now……Hoot……”