Kidney adjustment for adult acne treatment

“In the past, sores were completely a natural phenomenon. Few people develop sores after puberty.

“Professor Yao Gaosheng, a dermatologist at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, told reporters,” However, we have found that many people in their 25s and even 40s still have sores.

“Sores are no longer a youth patent. Professor Yao analyzes that there are too many factors that interfere with the human endocrine system, causing environmental pollution, increasing age, and so on.

In the past, it was a natural thing to get married and have children in your 20s. Now that this rule is broken, the endocrine of the human body is easy to lose balance. Therefore, there are many women who still have sores after the age of 25.

  Unlike acne that occurs after puberty, acne that occurs during puberty is mainly related to dampness and heat in the lungs and stomach, and shows empirical symptoms, such as obvious redness and swelling of acne, and easy to grow pustules.

Why does lung heat cause acne?

It turns out that Chinese medicine believes that “the outer lungs combine with fur”, and that the lungs and fur are physically, pathologically, and fully linked.

In addition, “the lungs and large intestine are the same family,” which may also explain why acne worsens during constipation.

  Patients with clearing lung heat and regulating secretion of diabetic sores have different treatment principles.

  Post-pubertal acne is closely related to the endocrine disorders of the human body, so the treatment must first adjust the endocrine, mainly to regulate the kidneys. You can use Eclipta, Shouwu, Ligustrum, Zhimu, Cork and other drugs.Selected Liu Wei Di Huang Wan and other nourishing kidney yin.

  For adolescent acne, the treatment focuses on upper focus (such as the lungs, upper respiratory tract), mainly for clearing the lungs, and detoxification drugs such as silver flower, forsythia and dandelion can be used.

  Generally speaking, based on the use of traditional Chinese medicine, you can take drugs that inhibit androgen secretion, such as cimetidine, cimetazole, etc., trace elements zinc gluconate, antibiotics plasma erythromycin, and other drugs.In 4 weeks, a very good acne removal effect can be achieved.

  Different types of acne require special medication to treat different types of acne.

If the cysts in patients with fracture sores are obvious, they will be indurated and cannot be cured for a long time. It is necessary to add anti-humidity and phlegm-removing drugs to ventilate and activate the body. Chenpi, Pinellia and white mustard are ideal medicines.

  If the whitehead is severe, it is likely to be related to dampness and heat in the body, and medicines for spleen and dampening can be used, such as atractylodes and cork.

  Also, if your face is dull and dark, the color of acne is dark, and the pigmentation traces can not be subsided, you can use blood-activating drugs, some salvia, spiced herbs, myrrh and so on.

  For the treatment of ulcers, it is necessary to observe the condition of the stool. If accompanied by constipation, it may be the external manifestation of gastrointestinal dampness and heat, which requires rhubarb and plaster.