Yuan Xiaoyan said:“He likes you,You like him too,Am i right?”
Ding Yi stubbornly raised his head,Said:“Are you looking for me for this?”She put“you”became“you”。
Yuan Xiaoyan nodded。
Ding Yi said:“I cannot discuss this issue with you。”Talking,Pick up the phone on the desk,Call Director Wen,Tell Director Wen,Xingguang Group Yuan Xiaoyan came to him to talk about propaganda。
Wen Qingxuan was taken aback,Just said:“come on。”
Ding Yi put down the phone,Said:“I’ll accompany you up,Director is。”Talking,Walk to the door,Open the door。
Yuan Xiaoyan didn’t expect this little girl to be so stubborn and arrogant,Just stood up and said:“I sincerely advise you,Find your own happiness,he,I won’t let go。”Finished,Gave Ding a fierce look,Went out。
Ding Yi didn’t accompany her up,Her heart is beating,Legs are also a little soft,She closed the door,Leaning weakly on the door,Tears came out,One is for the humiliation you have suffered,One is for Jiang Fan and his love affair。
obviously,For such a wife Jiang Fan, it is absolutely impossible to reconcile with her,But what is it?
She didn’t know what Yuan Xiaoyan told Director Wen when she left,She doesn’t want to inquire。noon,She didn’t go to the cafeteria to eat,But stay in the dormitory,Thinking about all these messy things,I thought of the letter Yajuan left for herself,Is it,Will she and Jiang Fan end up to no avail??Thought of here,She couldn’t stop her tears falling。Until the afternoon,She felt it necessary to tell Jiang Fan,Called him on another cell phone,That’s why they have this date。
Jiang Fan circled the bank in Hedian for two rounds,In the case of absolute safety,Only slowly stopped at the door of the bank,Just about to call her,I saw she opened the door long ago,Ran to him quickly,After she sits down,Audi drove forward。Jiang Fan’s eyes are not idle,He found nothing abnormal in the rearview mirror,Then reached out,Holding Ding Yi’s cold and trembling little hand,Said:“chilly?”
Ding nodded,Actually she is nervous,She let out a long breath,Said:“Is this too dangerous??”
Jiang Fan nodded,Said:“no way,Just want to see you!”
Ding Yi withdraws his hand,Hold his back,not talking anymore。
They got on the highway,Go straight to Lang Zhukai。
This road has just been completed,Very few cars on the road,despite this,Jiang Fan was still observing in the rearview mirror uneasy。He now has to guard against Yuan Xiaojian,This woman is crazy,He believes she can do everything,She actually ignored her identity,Go to Ding Yi again,This shows that she has taken care of Ding Yi,So of course you have to be careful about your every move,He didn’t want to provide Yuan Xiaoyan with strong evidence,That would be stupid,I’m just wronged Ding Yi。
Ding Yi said:“Do we have no other way out?”Say this,Ding Yi regrets it。
Jiang Fan said:“I can’t entangle her on this issue right now,Bear with me for a while,See you soon。”