Wan Shi gave him a surprised look,Face him without fear,Shen Sheng:“what happened,Doctor Mo,Do you have any questions?”
Mo Xiaosheng got up and walked on the stage,While saying:“Pantheon,to be honest,Our ancestors also passed down a Taibai Qianjin Fang,It’s also from Yaowang,So I want to compare your prescription and my ancestor’s!”
“Your ancestor also has a thousand gold prescriptions?joke!This Taibai Golden Recipe is only available to our family!”Wan Shi sneered,Look full of contempt。
“I just compare,how,You are afraid your prescription is fake?”Mo Xiaosheng raised his brows and said。
“I’m worried that the prescription handed down by your ancestors is fake!”Wan Shi snorted。
“What you said is wrong,Curative effect,If this prescription can really cure the disease,Even if i say it’s fake,Then it can’t be faked,same,If it is fake,It won’t work。”Mo Xiaosheng walked to the rostrum as he spoke,Looking at Wan Shi with a smile and said,“Do you think i am right?”
First0356Chapter I invite you to a big meal
“it is good,Real gold is not afraid of fire,Anyway, this recipe will also be shown to colleagues sitting,Which naturally includes you,It’s okay to show you first!”
Wan Shi hesitated,Did not refuse,Agreed directly,Appear confident。
“What’s wrong with this little Mo,Didn’t he just say that he couldn’t remember the prescription??”Huang Xinru frowned,There is a faint dislike in the tone,I asked him several times just now,He said he couldn’t remember,Isn’t this playing with these three old men?。
“Xiaomo did this,May have his reason……”
Dou Yong said hesitantly,Based on his understanding of Mo Xiaosheng,Mo Xiaosheng did this,Must be of ulterior motives。
“Don’t worry,Watch the changes!”Wang Shaoqin,Said indifferently,In his heart,This little doctor Mo is not a reckless person。
Mo Xiaosheng walked to Shi Hao,Reach out to him for a prescription,Shi Hao hesitated,Turning his head and looking at Wan Shi。
Wan Shi nodded,Shi Hao handed the recipe to Mo Xiaosheng with a calm face.。
Mo Xiaosheng unfolded the prescription,My brows frowned suddenly。