Cavaliers’ baseline ball。
Against this Cleveland Cavaliers,Xu Xuan dare not care
You know they are this season“champion”,The championship is the strongest team this year,Any miracle can happen。
In addition, the overall lineup of the Cavaliers is more balanced than the Pacers。
Just compare the players’ current talents,Pacers have no advantage,Not to mention the mentality、Tacit understanding、experience、Tactics、Coach and other factors。
This makes Xu Xuan extremely cautious。
He knew this old man was going crazy for the championship!
This old man is still organizing at the top of the arc。
The Cavaliers pulled him away。
The old man pushes his body one step at a time。
Pickled Pepper is familiar with this trick,But the moment I swooped in, I still suffered a loss。
My chest hurts。
Tank mode!
The old man rolled from the three-point line to the inside。