But that giant monkey is too smart,Dodge while running,The steel bar that Mo Xiaosheng threw can be avoided。
Mo Xiaosheng immediately grasped the two steel bars left in his hand, one on the left and the other on the right.,Aim at the giant monkey and shoot out again,Stronger than before,Same speed is also faster。
The giant monkey heard the sound of breaking through the air from behind and again dexterously ducked aside,But it avoids this root,But didn’t avoid the other one,Just listen“puff”The sound of,His left leg was suddenly shot by steel bars,It staggers suddenly,Fell to the ground,Hit a roll,At the same time there was a cry of pain。
But what surprised Mo Xiaosheng,This giant monkey seems to realize that if it doesn’t escape soon,The situation will be very dangerous,Even though the giant monkey gave a painful cry,Still got up quickly without any stagnation,Using both hands and feet, he rushed out towards the cave entrance again。
When Mo Xiaosheng saw it, he hurried out to chase him,But again a few monkeys pounced on,Dragged him in an instant。
The giant monkey rushed out of the cave without stopping,Out of the cave is the cave,It looked back,See no one is chasing,Swiftly ran towards the entrance of the cave,But just when it is about to rush out of the hole,Suddenly a large net flew over the hole,It can’t brake,Fell into this big net,Gu Lu turned somersault on the ground,My body was suddenly slapped tighter by the net。
The giant monkey tore the big net with both hands,Yelling with sharp teeth。
“how about it,I’ll just keep the hole!”
At this time, only a triumphant voice came,The two villagers rushed over with some other special forces members,Use your gun or stick to greet the giant monkey,The giant monkey was knocked out in an instant,Limply to the ground,The slender and huge body looks amazing。
“My darling,There really is such a big monkey!”
The two villagers flashed their flashlights at the giant monkey,My face suddenly changed,What Mo Xiaosheng said was the truth!
“fast,Catch up!”
At this time, the voices of Li Changming and Qin Yong came from the cave,I saw them rush out of the hole in embarrassment with Mo Xiaosheng and other players,Seems to think that the giant monkey ran away。
When they saw the giant monkey on the ground that had been installed in the big net, they couldn’t help but startled,Then look happy,Startled:“You guys can do it!”
“Chief,Is the idea of both of us!”
The two villagers immediately stood up,Hehe smiled and asked for credit,“You just went down from the hole,We guessed it,It will never go from that hole again,So I came here to block it!”
“Well done!”
Li Changming smiled at them and nodded,Praised。