Since it’s pure business,Then don’t talk about feelings。
same,Negotiating with the princess now,It’s just business talks,Emotional factors can be put down。
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First675chapter Looking for alley
Naturally, Shen Huan did not immediately promise Zheng Rongrong。
As a mature man,Decisions made under any impulse,Usually shouldn’t。
Although Shen Huan thinks the conditions are good,I can think about it after I go back,After serious consideration,Everything is ok,It’s time to agree。
From Shanhaiwang,Shen Huan drove another car,Went to the West Campus of Huaguo Agricultural University in Haiding。
Now Huaguo Agricultural University has merged with the previous Huajing Agricultural Mechanization College,So the original agricultural school here is the west campus,Agricultural Mechanization College on Qinghua East Road in the same district,East Campus。
For children,Every summer and winter vacation homework,There must be one homework nightmare from Haiding District。
But at the same time as a district with the richest educational resources in China,Haiding is definitely the area where countless families dream of buying a house。