“Everyone is a mouthful,Full on。No shame,Can’t drop the chain。Tianchou,You say a few words,http://www.treterc.cn New year blessing。”Liang Hui said and raised his glass,Everyone also raised their glasses。
“This let me say,A bit reluctant。Ok,We are not hypocritical,Just talk。Today is New Year’s Eve,Our traditional festival。Sandou and I will spend the first time with everyone,Very happy,So happy!I wish you all new year,Beaming!He He Mei Mei!Safe and sound!happy New Year!Haha,There is one last sentence,Long live the workers!”Li Tianchou is also very happy,Happy words blurted out。
“happy New Year!Long live part-time job!dry!”Everyone raised their glasses in unison,It’s so lively。
Many people can make noise,I poured Sandou and Xiaowen down on the ground in a few minutes。Drink till midnight,All wine bottles have bottomed,Those who haven’t fallen,Still beel spirit。
“I said,What’s next?”Wei Dong shook the empty bottle,A little unwilling。
“According to the habits of hometown,Shou Sui chant。”Liang Hui spit out smoke rings。
“Just sit and brag?Boring。”Xu Jin shook his head。
“When you didn’t come,I also told Sandou,After drinking, go for a night tourSZCity。I didn’t expect this kid to fall first。”Li Tianchou has nothing to regret。
“Yell,Don’t you say,This proposal is good。”Liang Hui came in immediately。
“Big night,What to swim?Can’t see anything。”
“Just stroll on the street,I comeSZIt’s been half a year,Never looked at it carefullySZNight view of city,Catch new year’s eve,Should be pretty good。”Li Tianchou is yearning。
“Me,This stroll is physical work,It will be miserable tomorrow,Do not go。”Xu Jin shook his head。
“I see this,Anyway,Go back to the house if you want to watch TV and sleep,Willing to stroll,Let’s set off now。”Liang Hui suggested。
Everyone has no opinion,Except for Xu Jin going back to the dorm to watch TV,Three people who can stand go downstairs http://www.vodafone-csc.cn together,Go out at nightSZcity。
Chapter Eighteen Chorus trio
At this time the new year’s bell is about to ring,The firecrackers in the streets become more intense,And getting worse。All kinds of fireworks,One after another,Fight for beauty in the night sky of the city。Empty road,The three young men sang a loud military song holding hands:“one two three four,one two three four,Like a song。Green barracks,The Green Barracks taught me。The mountain that sang also moved,The joy of singing……”,A very different picture,Under the night of this city’s New Year’s Eve, but still dynamic。
When Li Tianchou woke up,It’s already over nine o’clock in the morning the next day,Can’t help but cry secretly。I wake up so late for the first time in years,The golden body of a soldier who went to bed early and got up early was not bad and http://www.nygwwl.cnwas suddenly broken。Annoyed, he shook his head,Seems to be dizzy,It seems that I drank too much last night。
Recall carefully,Three people wandered through the wine last night、Very excited to sing。Don’t know how far,Seems to be at the beach。Blown by the sea breeze,Weidong’s wine is here,People start to wander about,So I vomited all the way along the street,Finally I sat on the ground with soft legs,Why can’t you stand up?。I wanted to take a taxi back,Can’t hit,The taxi driver took a look at three drunks,Running fast。no way,Had to take turns carrying Weidong back to the dormitory with Liang Hui。