Day night,Jiang Shuyan looked at the bubble face in front of him,There is also a dry Baba’s big cake in front of the bubble surface.,The opposite Li Hui’s wind is an intravasting eating bubble surface.,Bubble big cake、。
But this is hard to swallow the ginger.。
She feels that Li is deliberately,But what I think of myself,Li Hui, eat, she eats her.,I feel that I dug a pit and I buried myself.。
“Ginger sister,Why don’t you eat??
This is the instant noodle of white elephant,I have little to eat now.,Similar children’s taste。”
“Um,I am not very hungry.,You eat yourself.。”
This is said,Let Jiang Shuyan have grown straight。
Because Li Hui Feng directly puts her bubble surface in front of her.。
Li Hui Rong smiled while eating:“Hey-hey,Just, I haven’t eaten yet.,You are not hungry, I will eat it.,Your girl doesn’t eat at night, I know.。”
After that, Li Hui fits the big mouth of the big mouth.。
Seeing Li Hui’s fragrance,Jiang Shuyan also feels a bit hungry.。
Even alone has passed the sound of 咕噜。
After all, at noon,She is not eating.,At noon, she thought that Li Hui Hui will bring her to eat.,As a result, Li Hui has directly took a drunkard.。
The most important thing is that from the head to the tail, Li Hui has asked her to eat.。
This makes her are still annoyed,But but I can’t say it.。
Li Hui naturally also heard the sound of Jiang Shuyan’s stomach.,Let go of the big bowl of your hands and then pushed Jiang Shuyan.。
This is left to you.,I also eat almost.。”
Said that Li Hui fits and stretched a lazy waist,Then I walked directly into the house.。
Looking at the bubble surface that is eaten in front,Looking at Li Hui Feng, I don’t care about her.,Jiang Shuyan suddenly felt very wronged。
“Humph,Bastard,fraud” Say,She feels that tears will flow out.。
“Ginger sister,go,Let’s go to the ground to get delicious.。”
Li Hui is holding flashlight,Directly in a small bag。
When he saw the tears in Jiang Shuyan’s eyes,Also a glimpse。
He thought that the other party hip haha,Cute girl belonging to that,I didn’t expect to make a joke, I am going to cry.。
Jiang Shuyan looked at Li Hui Feng’s dress is also a little do not understand what the other party needs to do.。
“Hey-hey,Just joking with you,How can I give you a bubble?,Now dark,You can experience the feeling of the field of the field.,You can be very angry.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said that Jiang Shuyan’s tears were also slowly receiving it.。
“Humph,Who will give birth to you?,I will not be angry.。”
“Let it go,Where are you going to take me??”
Although it is not angry on your mouth,But the tone of the speech is obviously more angry than before.。
“Hey-hey,Come with me。”