bring it on,Let the old lady are close to the distance!
She is excited and fanatically turned into the side of the law,I look forward to him finding some foreign objects.。
result,He really explained the god of god.,Perfect enters professional explanation this role。
Lizi is a pot of cold water。
Stupid bar,This person!
On top of the chessboard,Both parties stalemate。
Hanging angle,Jump up,The point-angle is still in the class。
After the last wave of flying knife,Xuan Yu decided to steady,Don’t think about the knife opponent,First, hold the next game first,Tell the morale。
If you have lost this one of yourself,But even more damaged。
Well, smooth and smooth
Twenty-first hand,A elite fierce light is drawn from the pupil for bamboo knife!
It is still a small stone thrown into the lake.。
That is a hand-oriented all the way.。
“again、Flying knife?”The referee group next to it simply wants to stand up and look at this game.。
Boarding also stunned,I didn’t know the same as the body.。
Qingdao deer, which has been in a steam state, also broken diesel,Lift your head and look at the screen。
It’s like being disgusting.,Xuan Yusu is unconscious, and the chess pieces caught noise.,Drums and drums in the chest,Like it is broken。
This place is coming back?
Chapter 45 · Come to the passion
Time is advanced at high speed in ten seconds,Chess pieces intertwined。
The looks of both sides also condensed the frost,As if the snow in the snow swordsman,Look for a chance to go out。
As mentioned in a knife,Because it takes a stable retreat posture,Then this bureau,Just strive to strive for strong hands。
Thirty-first hand,Black warrior took a long blade,Cut the knife!
“Xuan Yusu,To kill,Let us look at the reaction of this side of Yisi。”
However, the expression of bamboo knife forging this is already laughing.。
If the expression after the game, the expression after the game, the expression is new world card secret.“planのPass”Evil smile,Then the expression of bamboo knife is a new world card secret.“Does other people do it?”Magic laugh。
Raise chess,Put the ball to shoot the chess pieces on a jumped point。
Easy screen,The special effect of this hand can also see the special effect of this hand. Still just the thirty-second hand,And the number of hands in the upper game is exactly the same,Outside the outside,It’s just like he and the bamboo knife forged strokes.,To come to Xuan Yuxi。
On top of the chessboard,Xuan Yuxi clung to the chess pieces,Fingers slightly shake。
It’s just a chess.,If it is a little bit of the world of fighting power,Then the next shot is this piece of chess, and it is pinched.。
Sixty-fifth hand,Flying knife end,The top left of the entire chessboard is ash,Terrible。
“Xuan Yu is too miserable.,Actually, you can connect two knives within one day.?”
“Previously wrote the joke,Pause,There is a new material,Hurry and put bamboo knife。”
“If this is some kind of temper, the players are like this.,I don’t know how to put the chessboard.,Rush。”
Xuan Yuxi still hits the sensation of the teeth who want to take a consumption,Or choose to continue chess。