Bodybuilding Q and A

One to achieve this, do 20 properly every day?
40 minutes of fitness activities 3 times a week.

Always drink plenty of water and eat healthy food.

In the fitness process, it is necessary to use appropriate exercise intensity, in general, it is appropriate to feel a little tired and slightly asthmatic.

  Q I am 34 years old and weighs 154 pounds. I like cycling very much. I want to know how much exercise and how many times a week can I lose weight. A cycling is a great exercise, but it mustPay attention to maintaining proper exercise intensity.

For example, if you ride on the ground above the ground and can talk with people calmly during exercise, then this exercise intensity is enough to lose weight with fat burning; if you want to achieve weight loss, you can speed upUntil I feel breathless.

In addition, you can choose the hillside area to increase the intensity of the exercise.

It is recommended that you exercise 3 times a week for 20 minutes each time. After 3 weeks, the effect of exercise will gradually appear.

  Q I just finished giving birth to a child and want to start exercising to restore my slim figure.

All in all, can I do military training?

What to pay attention to properly? A 6 weeks after giving birth, you should see a gynecologist to see if your body has recovered and you have gradually exercised.

A common mistake many women make after having a baby is to do sit-ups right away, believing that excess belly is the goal they need to overcome.

Yes, that is exactly where we need to focus the gas phase to shape, however, this needs to start with the deep abdominal muscles.

After getting the doctor’s consent, you only need to do one of the easiest exercises, which is to shrink the lower abdomen, close the navel to the back of the spine, and maintain this contracted posture for 10 seconds.Practice multiple times.

This is really a great abdominal strength training method, which can make the abdominal muscles loose due to pregnancy firm up, it is worth trying.