[How to make matcha snowy moon cakes]_The common practice of matcha snowy moon cakes_The practice of matcha snowy moon cakes_The practice of matcha snowy moon cakes

When I was young, my mother was around, and we thought it was easy to cook.

When we grew up, we went out alone and found it really difficult to cook.

But eating out for a long time is really unhealthy.

So, for yourself and for your family, you should get cooking skills.

Let me teach you how to make matcha snowy mooncakes.


Pour milk, sugar, and salad oil into the bowl and stir well 2.

1 Stir the thin batter and let stand for 30 minutes, then put it in a steamer and steam for 15-20 minutes on high heat to cook.

Steam the batter and stir vigorously with chopsticks until smooth.

Then wait for it to cool, add the tea powder and mix well to make the matcha ice skin 3.

2 Pour in glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour, and clear noodles.

Stir well and make a thin batter 4.

Add 40 grams of ice cream to each and add 35 grams of filling to the filling.

Pat the cake powder on your hand to prevent sticking, then place the ice skin on the palm of your hand to flatten it, put the pre-rounded filling balls, and wrap the filling balls with ice skin 5

Sprinkle cake powder in the mold, make the cake powder evenly adhere to the mold wall, and then pour out the excess cake powder.

This can facilitate demolding.

Then put the wrapped ice dough into the mold.

Compacted with palm.

Poke the moon cake mold, the moon cake comes out, and the snowy moon cake is ready 6.

Put the prepared mooncakes in the refrigerator and refrigerate for one night, and you can eat the delicious matcha snowy mooncakes introduced by Xiaobian today. It is actually not difficult. As long as everyone tries hard, you can achieve the effect you want.Eat delicious food!