“I have a hasty……Can you just talk without hands??Why is it so violent?Who dares to marry you after you are so fierce?……Hehe。”
Qin Liang talked about him。
“No one will marry!I want you to!Humph!”
Yang Shiyun doesn’t like to hear Qin Liang say that to her,Obviously his body has been occupied by him as private property,He also likes to tease that he can’t get married in front of others!
“It doesn’t matter!If you can’t get married,Didn’t it just fall into my hand?!”
Qin Liang is more excited,This cold talk!
“What happened to it in your hands?Do you have an opinion?”
Yang Shiyun replied boldly and aggressively,In this case, everyone would think that she and Qin Liang were deliberately arguing.,No one will think about it,Not to misunderstand her and Qin Liang。
“Let me ask first;If i say i have an opinion,Will it end badly?”
Qin Liang asked timidly。
“of course,Think about it yourself,It’s absolutely terrible。”
Yang Shiyun answered confidently。
“Ok,I have no problem!Smash my hand,I do。”
Qin Liang changed his face in a blink of an eye,A complacent virtue,Hippie smiley said。
“Boss,you are awesome!”
Yang Zhi gave a thumbs up,Convinced!I don’t know he was serving Qin Liang’s eloquence,Still convinced of his thick skin……
“Oh my god!I found that this machine seems to be able to print money!”