Actually other things,There is nothing to hesitate for now。
But for now,Ye Xuan smiled slightly。
Since such a thing,Almost processed。
Then next,What else need to wait。
“boss,Let’s now,How to do?”
When the bodyguard next to you looks at Ye Xuan,I was talking a little anxiously。
Not just these bodyguards,Even the people around,When seeing here,I didn’t forget to say here。
See here,Now,Ye Xuan’s face was filled with a faint smile。
“Actually now,We should just rush over。”
“Now that they are all assembled,What should I do,I miss you all,Should be clear!”
Ye Xuan’s words are finished,It makes the hearts of those around you eager for a while。
If this is the case,Then next,What should I do。
In fact, let’s not talk about anything else,But the more so,These things,In fact, it is absolutely necessary to deal with it quickly.。
Watching this scene,Ye Xuan’s side,Others nodded,Followed Ye Xuan。
“The boss is right,Let’s follow the boss,It can definitely be resolved。”
“That’s right,Of course,This time we will be able to deal with this matter properly。”
As these people finish,Actually Ye Xuan looks。
obviously,Such a thing,How to arrange。
Let’s not talk about anything else,But from the current point of view,Actually Ye Xuan’s heart,I am a little eager to try。